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On a stormy morning

Box for Annick Goutal Un Matyin d'Orage set - gold with butterfly

Me: a sucker for butterflies

Let’s start with a perfume that I bought on the complete spur of the moment at last weekend’s Sniffapalooza: Annick Goutal’s Un Matin d’Orage.

The name means “stormy morning”, and it is much of what I had hoped Gorilla’s “The Smell of Weather Turning” would be. There’s no spearmint in it (the hallmark of “Smell of Weather”) but it does indeed give one the sense of a stormy morning – more than spearmint does, if it comes to that. I think the spearmint gives the Gorilla perfume a kind of tang to it, that sense in the roof of your mouth of a thunderstorm coming, but after all, most storms around here don’t smell like mint.

Un Matin d’Orage makes me think of oranges and smoke. Lying in bed on a gray cool fall morning (like this one), with a glass of orange juice and the smell of damp fall air coming in the window and wafting over me in bed. The fall air has a faint, very faint, smell of something gray and scorched. The smoke part might not sound appealing, but this isn’t used ashtrays, with their spit and butts and eww. This is the faintest whiff of smoke from somewhere far away – not wood smoke, not cigarette smoke, but conceivably the smoke of something set fire by a very remote lightning strike.

It might sound bleak but it isn’t, not to me. It’s the kind of autumn morning I like best, full of possibilities, and this is the smell of it.

Smoke isn’t something I’d normally associate with a day perfume, either, but this one is perfect for a workday morning. It isn’t challenging and it won’t freak anyone out, but it’s more interesting than your standard (or MY standard) morning citrus/tea/light fruit salad affair.

I bought this box, I’ll be honest, because of the butterfly. I really don’t buy things I haven’t lived in the sample of for a while, much less things I’ve never sniffed before. I put this straight on my arm at the counter, decided I liked it, and bought the set – and yep, I bet I was unduly influenced by the box. I’m a sucker for butterflies, gold ones doubly so. And I do use body cream in the winter, though usually unscented (so as not to fight with the perfumes). Scented creams and lotions often leave something to be desired, to me: they don’t do that great a job. My shins get itchy, itchy like you don’t even want to know the details itchy, and I need serious moisturizing on them about six months of the year. This body cream is beautifully scented with the perfume but also works. It’s light and luscious and sinks in well and leaves my skin, well, silky and smelling like a stormy morning.

This was a holiday gift set, and an excellent value as you get both the cream and the juice for essentially the price of the juice. I wonder how many people would be brave enough to give a scent like this for Christmas or Hannukah, or if it will mostly be people buying it who already know they love it? Personally I think it’d be a great gift for someone you know loves perfumes – but you’d have to know that they didn’t already have it. It’s odd enough that it would be different for them, easy enough that they will probably enjoy it.

Here’s a picture of the cat “heppin'” me take a picture of the box.

she's 'heppin''

a helpful cat

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