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In which I come to terms with Shalimar.

To paraphrase a Whitney Houston pop song, I don’t know why I want to like it, I just do.

Shalimar is one of the few perfumes I knew first by reputation. It’s iconic, like Chanel No. 5, like Mata Hari, like the Art Deco movement that inspired its bottle. You don’t have to know what . . . → Read More: In which I come to terms with Shalimar.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is such a sensual holiday and one in which smell is paramount. From the smell of the giblets simmering on the stove to the smell of baking (buttermilk biscuits, today!) to the orange in the sweet potatoes and the cinnamon in the applesauce, there’s nothing about Thanksgiving that doesn’t smell good. I hope you . . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving!

Love you weren’t looking for

I love it when a perfume I never would have selected reaches out and taps my shoulder (or grabs me hard) and demands my love. (I kinda like it too when friends I would never expected to be friends click in a great way. Maybe not so much in my romantic life. But then maybe . . . → Read More: Love you weren’t looking for

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-23

Chanel #18 – lovely, light, citrus top, gone in five minutes. WTH? I'm putting on some Sweet Anthem's Mary. I'm not in the mood for nothing. #

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Twitter Updates for 2010-11-21

On naturals and banned #perfume #fragrance #

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Just be natural

There’s a project afoot to create “banned” perfumes from all-natural ingredients banned by IFRA, the international group of perfume. Gaia at The Non-Blonde describes it best, and has described it already, so there, I don’t have to.

I am developing kind of a fraught relationship with natural perfumes (or “naturals”). I eat organic food, I . . . → Read More: Just be natural