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Stop the madness

Over on Perfume Posse they’re talking about picking a perfume to wear for an entire week.

That might not seem like nothing to you, but I decided I can’t even try this one.

Patty on the Posse compared this to wearing the same pair of underwear for a week, but that’s not it at all. It’s more like eating the same food every meal for a week. Sure, it shouldn’t physically hurt you – but psychologically, wouldn’t that do some damage?

Sensory deprivation is something that some people find relaxing – for a short time. After a while, every brain craves stimulation. I like looking at different colors, tasting different tastes – and smelling different smells, yes, even through the same day, and for sure through a week!

I’m finding my perfumes tend to sort themselves into morning and afternoon perfumes. I don’t want to blast anyone in morning meetings, and I’m not ready for an Amouage first thing in the day. I even have a couple of weekend things – no one can complain, nor is it ever inappropriate, to wear a lighter Jo Malone or even philosophy’s Amazing Grace. I like Peter Thomas Roth’s 460 Park for mornings or weekends too – I haven’t heard about this anywhere else, did anyone but me buy it? It’s really light but not very linear, I like it.

But one scent for a whole week? Not for me, not anymore. That would be more stress than relaxation.

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