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Like This is still all that

Perfume reviewer Mark Behnke wrote a wonderful review of Like This (Etat Libre d’Orange’s “celebrity” scent with Tilda Swinton, though it is anything but), in which he conveys the simultaneous richness and lightness of this scent. The immortelle, pumpkin, and ginger are somehow both like autumn sunlight and as nourishing as food at the same time.

This perfume was my “fall splurge” (well, before I went to Sniffapalooza!) and I am still really loving it. I’m not reaching for it every single day; I like it better on sunny fall days than on cloudy. But it’s rare that a perfume never disappoints, never bores, and continues to unfold. This is one of those perfumes.

What kind of person buys Like This? I would love to know how many units it has sold. It is an utterly beautiful fragrance, utterly wearable, and attached to a “movie star” who has won major awards. But I wonder financially how much it matters that it’s Tilda Swinton and not Beyoncé.

I imagine that the person who buys Like This already loves perfume (how likely is it that they would even know it existed otherwise?) and that this is just one of the many bottles they own. I imagine they reach for it when they are tired, or want to breathe in the relaxing scent of all things graceful and orange.

I could easily imagine this being someone’s “signature scent” too, though, and how much more interesting this would be as a signature scent than the often-adopted Joy or Shalimar. People who want “signature scents” want something to set them apart but that they can enjoy every day, right? This seems to me to fit that bill.

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