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I wanted light; got more than I bargained for

Last night I stopped in at the local L’Occitane and sniffed their Peony EDT. It was light, uncomplicated, linear, and definitely peony. Sometimes that’s all you want, isn’t it? I didn’t buy it – I need another bottle to deal with right now like that proverbial fish needs a bicycle and besides, I’m trying not to buy at first sniff. But I wanted something light and uncomplicated.

This morning I still wanted something light and uncomplicated. It’s cold and rainy and the workday ahead was unappealing; I wanted a fresh floral to perk up my morning. Instead, before I could stop myself, I’d put 24, Faubourg lotion on my legs and so had to top it with a spritz of the perfume. Faubourg is many things but I can’t really call it “light”.

As it was it had to fight with the remnants of Opus I on my scarf.

Just too much, too heavy on me today. I’m going to dig out my Lollia Believe (citrus roses) or L’Occitane Fleur de Cerises tomorrow. Yes, they’re spring perfumes and we’re deep into fall now; maybe that’s why I want them.

I have a nice peony I just recently acquired, Histoires de Parfum’s Vert Pivoine; perhaps I will spring that on my Saturday and see what happens.

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