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Vintage shopping

It’s clear enough to me that I can’t spend one more dime on samples or full bottles of new perfume.

So I thought I’d start looking for old stuff.

The cat had a vet visit this morning so I thought I’d check out the thrift stores in that neighborhood. Two of them had nothing; but one of them, bingo!

They had two little shelves of perfume in a glass cabinet, and it was early in the day, so the shop attendant was happy to let me root through them, looking at the bottles, reading the labels (and once surreptitiously touching the open bottle to a wrist – but I bought the bottle, so no harm done, right?)

I feel quite smug and happy. I got two minis of Balmain Madame Jolie in great shape. Madame Jolie is one of those perfumes that sends perfumistas round the bend; it’s rich and has spice and flower and wood in a gloriously blended balance. It smells luxurious and expensive and is just plain beautiful. I’d read about it for ages but never tried it, and couldn’t be more pleased to find it in a vintage formulation.

I got a perfume called Ecusson I’d never heard of. It’s a half ounce and seemed clearly not a counterfeit because the name of the perfume house (Jean d’Albret) is embossed on the bottom of the bottle. It’s a lovely aldehydic floral, very feminine, sort of a smoothed out Chanel No. 5 type of perfume. I’m not sure it’s “me”, but it’s very pretty, and probably more easy to get away with for wearing during the day.

I got a sample of something called “Fable” which is apparently supposed to be a tribute to the Hope Diamond. It sounds interesting from descriptions; I haven’t tried it yet.

But the score of the day was a small half ounce-ish bottle of Diorissmo. I didn’t even have to think about it, just said “I’ll take that.”

Right now I have Madame Jolie on one wrist and Ecusson on the other – the tiniest dab on both – and Diorissimo in my left elbow, and it’s entirely overshadowing everything else. Based on the strength it must at least be an EDP, and the top notes are not as turned as in my splash vintage bottle of Diorissimo. The lovely green lily is right there, so pure, so simple, so smelling of April. This is exquisite.

All this pleasure and excitement and research material for just $29. I consider that a complete win and will have to visit that thrift shop again in future. If they continue to get things in new, it could be a rich harvesting ground.

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