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Love you weren’t looking for

I love it when a perfume I never would have selected reaches out and taps my shoulder (or grabs me hard) and demands my love. (I kinda like it too when friends I would never expected to be friends click in a great way. Maybe not so much in my romantic life. But then maybe yes. 🙂

If you ask me, I don’t much care for tuberose. I don’t seek it out. I have nothing against it either; I can tell that Nuit de Tuberose is gorgeous, I just don’t want to wear it. And I like Fracas well enough to keep a little on hand, but seldom dare to wear it in public.

Which is why I found it so surprising when Histoires de Parfum’s Tuberose 2, Virginale, made me up and buy it for no reason at Sniffapalooza recently.

It’s a cheerfully outgoing thing, incredibly feminine, fat, sweet, and reluctant to go. There’s nothing virginal about tuberose in any formulation, but this one isn’t embarrassingly sexy either. It’s a tuberose you can get away with even at the office, and that, perhaps, is why I broke down and bought it. (That and the delightfully small $36 purse bottle at Henri Bendel. Love purse bottles!)

The Histoires perfumes are interesting in general, seldom boring. The mixes are supposed to have an historical basis (duh – thus the name), but I find them as modern as anything if not more so. Some reviewers have said that technically Virginale is a fruity patchouli, as so many modern perfumes are, and I hope that makes it incredibly popular with gift buyers this holiday season; I’d like to smell more of this on the street and fewer cheap musks.

A happy perfume that grabs your attention – and your wallet!

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