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On cleanliness

I read in “The Perfect Scent” that most cleaning products in America and Europe are scented with inexpensive synthetic musk molecules discovered and widely deployed after World War II. Because these are the smell most of us grew up smelling in detergent, we associate these smells with “clean”. When someone tells me they like “clean, . . . → Read More: On cleanliness

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-10

Given the workday, I just put on some Chaos. 🙂 #fragrance #perfume # May have to get a small split of Creed Aventus. Just thinking how glorious it smelled on someone else at Sniffapalooza! #fragrance #perfume #

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Tendre Madeleine

I have some of Ava Luxe’s lauded but discontinued Madeleine fragrance, and I’m not sure that I don’t like this better. At first encounter this is much more like biting into the actual cookie: buttery, vanilla, sweet, lemony, light, and a much welcome antidote to the cold rainy day outside.

The madeleine cookie is supposed . . . → Read More: Tendre Madeleine

Baking with Jo Malone

I made big plans regarding food this morning as I lay in bed – decided to start the day with applesauce pancakes, progress to some autumn-type salads and squash soup for dinner. What goes well with all these harvest flavors and spices? Jo Malone’s Blue Agava and Cacao, as it turns out. I grabbed it . . . → Read More: Baking with Jo Malone

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-07

Scored vintage Diorissimo at thrift store, plus more! #

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Vintage shopping

It’s clear enough to me that I can’t spend one more dime on samples or full bottles of new perfume.

So I thought I’d start looking for old stuff.

The cat had a vet visit this morning so I thought I’d check out the thrift stores in that neighborhood. Two of them had nothing; but . . . → Read More: Vintage shopping