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The task of wearing Lovely

I have, sadly, taken quite a bit of advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, and will undoubtedly be reporting on what I think of my haul, not of samples, but of full bottles of various things. (What is WRONG with me?)

Most of what I bought were things I knew I wanted, as per usual. For instance, I’ve long wanted a bottle of Lovely, the Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance, the making of which was so carefully documented in the interesting book “The Perfect Scent: A Year in the Perfume Industry”.

My haul including Lovely arrived yesterday, and I was quite overwhelmed with excitement at my little handful of cellophane wrapped boxes! I wasn’t sure what I’d open and wear first, but as it turned out, this morning, with its gray damp weather, seemed to call out for some Lovely.

As is my wont, despite the unwisdom of it, I opened the box and the lovely (lovely!) bottle with its fluted cap and spritzed it all over myself, front, back, and forearms. I’d tried it at least once before but couldn’t remember what it was like; I didn’t, however, think I’d be smoking out my neighbors.

And in fact I did not. For most of the morning I wondered if I was in fact anosmic to Lovely. I couldn’t smell a damn thing.

Now this is the sort of weather in which my skin swallows perfumes. When it’s dry and cold, my dry skin either sheds the perfume immediately or absorbs it, and it does really get hard to smell things on me if they aren’t quite determined, or carried in an oil base. Lovely was neither.

Still, I kept getting whiffs during the day – not even of a scent I could describe, but of an atmosphere, for all the world as if I were sitting inside a ballerina’s dress.

Lovely – if I can say I’ve even smelled it – seems to have whiffs of actual skin in it, a woman who moves and breathes and probably has sex. There’s also some sweetness, and the pink color is appropriate somehow. But since I can’t smell it any more clearly than that, I can’t say much more about it.

I fully intend to wear Lovely again, and especially when it’s warmer. It’s interesting, but not particularly alluring, to wear a scent that is the olfactory equivalent of walking around partially blindfolded and seeing a color or a shape blurrily, far in the distance. I want more THERE from my perfume. But I will give it a chance. And I finally own my own bottle of this perfume… so I can stop thinking about owning it in the future!

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