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Getting to know you.

Responsible perfume bloggers, of which I am not one, tend to live with a perfume for a while before they write their review. This is most reasonable behavior. A perfume behaves differently at different temperatures and different events, and it unfolds differently on different days as well. What strikes you as delicious on one day can be repulsive on another, and it’s only fair of those bloggers to be careful in what they say in public before they say it.

I, of course, with my whole 4 readers, am a lot less careful and certainly a lot less responsible. I write, generally, my first impressions upon first wearing. I sometimes find afterwards that I think something different about a perfume, at which point I may repost, but it’s the first wearing that usually hits me with enough “wow” to want to write a full review, or fails to do so.

There are some exceptions.

In the case of Iles d’Or by Molinard, I actually wanted to wait. The perfume seemed quite multifaceted right out of the gate, and that was part of its charm. When I first wore it, in a sample from a world-class enabler, it seemed sweet and fruity, and I fell for its pineapple-scented vanilla and bought a bottle online.

Upon receiving the bottle, I decided I did NOT like how it smelled in said bottle, and got a lot less excited about wearing it in general.

After wearing it a full day, I realized that it was a lot more musky than my first little dab-wearing had given it credit for. It wears pretty close to the skin, but also has a note of skin in it. It’s fairly sexy, and that skin has seen some other skin, if you know what I mean. The fruit is neither sweet nor ripe, but an undertone of a yellow-pink color that gives the vanilla dimensionality and lift. In combination with the sexy skin musk, it’s a really complex experience.

Iles d’Or has one other feature that argues against writing a review of it: it’s discontinued. I am so tired of finding gorgeous things that barely exist any more. How much time can I actually spend trying to bid people up on eBay on discontinued Ava Luxes or vintage Diorissimo? I mean. I love the reviews of the Non-Blonde, for instance, but she’s just as likely to send me off to eBay to find out how much a bottle of Les Muses goes for (too much!) as to a boutique or a shop, and almost nothing she likes is actually just found at Nordstrom or Sephora.

It’s too bad, though; Iles d’Or is so beautiful. I’m not sure what’s the point of telling you this, since the likeliehood of you finding any is ridiculously small.

So what else is in this category? Well, how about Lovely? The skin musk at the bottom of this is similar to the way Iles d’Or is reading on me. There’s a world of difference in the quality of the perfumes, I think, and yet some notes are the same to my nose.

And here’s another one you don’t want to know about. DSH Perfumes’ Bois du Chocolat is also about to be discontinued. However, in this case, it’s worth going to get it, because it hasn’t been discontinued YET, and it’s available for a discounted price at DSH perfumes, plus there’s a 20% discount until Dec. 13, I believe.

I didn’t live with this one long before I decided to buy it, and I can tell you why. I need to have only a couple of reactions to decide to buy something. I need to want to wear the sample more than once. I need to think “Boy, this is beautiful” as I’m sniffing it. And I need to smile. Bois du Chocolat made me smile. It’s beautiful, rich without being heavy, and really a gorgeous blend of chocolate notes, more than actual chocolate, plus wood and florals in a combination that is yummy but not the least bit gourmand. I wish I had a bottle right now, because it just feels like the perfect day for it today.

Of course because it’s gorgeous and I love it, it’s on its way out. Go try some while you can – samples can be obtained from DSH’s studio itself or The Perfumed Court – and if you buy some, get me some Thé du Monde, because I’m so out of perfume shopping money, and that one is going to be discontinued too. (And I totally deserve it, because I just spent 10 minutes figuring out how to add that accent aigu to this post with the Ubuntu keyboard I’m currently using.)

I’m going to go finish some of my weekend tidying up. Hope your weekend is productive too!

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