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What do you like to smell over the holidays?

I like to smell something. I’m having a lot of trouble with perfume these days. I’m very interested in some naturals right now, notably from DSH (I have just fallen in love with her Bois du Chocolat, which of course is about to be discontinued – WHY WHY WHY?), but they are disappearing on my skin in this weather faster than you can say “evaporation”.

I know at least part of it is the air, and my cursed dry skin. Over the weekend I got a chance to smell some Marc Jacobs’ Rain in a warm, moist room on a young girl’s skin – and it was both glorious and present. Almost everything I’m putting on me disappears within half an hour, and I miss the deep sweet drydowns of yore.

I also did a lot of car driving over the weekend, and the husband can’t stand perfume, so I only wore some small dabs of the aforementioned BdC – and they were gone (or very low-key) all too quickly.

When I got home I put on some Shalimar Ode a la Vanille just to wear PERFUME, because I wanted the smell of PERFUME. Basically I lay in bed huffing the neck of my T-shirt for about an hour. I felt better.

The artificial scents do, of course, last longer. I was trying to remember why I didn’t have this much trouble last year. I think it was because I mostly wore Donna Karan Gold (NOTHING can defeat the Gold) pretty much every workday.

It may also be that my allergy meds are contributing a bit to a lack of smell. But when I do smell something I smell all of it. OalV didn’t smell off to me, and neither does anything else I know well. It just isn’t lasting.

Of course I also try to moisturize my skin, but I find it doesn’t do much. At this stage of the winter I slather a thick cream on my legs and stomach at least once a day and/or use straight argan oil, which sinks in and prevents me from itching myself to death. But it isn’t helping the perfume to stick at all.

So while I’d like to smell my new holiday collection from DSH for the holidays (just from tiny samples I can tell you that the Nouroz is divine and I’m going to like Hannukah Cannelle too!), I’ve decided to make the best of the weather and wear the Amouages that I’m afraid will kill people in warmer weather, plus of course my beloved Gold. I’m wearing my Opus I today and it’s downright restrained. Must get out some Lyric and see what that does! Maybe I’ll even wear the Amouage Gold – something I’ve never worn at the office since one ill-advised experience putting it on right before a meeting in a small, warm room. Oopsie. But Gold smells so beautiful…

I don’t feel like I can do any fair reviews of most things when I can’t smell them all that well. I’m just trying Boucheron by Boucheron for the first time right now, for instance, and it seems beautiful, but anything else I could say about it would be too sketchy, because the details of the scent itself are gone almost as soon as I smell it. But if anything seems review-worthy to me, I’ll put it in here!

I’m also going to fill my house with pine boughs and drink cinnamon-flavored tea this Christmas. I’m going to eat ham and oven-roasted potatoes and perhaps attempt making gingerbread. The smells of good foods wafting through the house are a perfume I much treasure and I fully intend to soak in that. I hope you get to do the same!

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