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Some jasmine, some wine and a painkiller, please

It’s been a very busy month. VERY busy. And an old back injury is flaring up, making it a bit tough, sometimes, to do much more than lie still and remember the good old days when sitting up suddenly didn’t make me scream involuntarily.

I want to relax. I want luxury. I want peace. I want jasmine.

My first thought is that I don’t have any jasmine. It is perhaps my second or third favorite floral, and yet I feel like I don’t have any. This is, however, not true. I have some very naughty jasmines. As jasmine is a night-blooming scent, it is a natural for evening, sexy scents, and I have Darkly Audacious (which is extremely naughty) and a cheap thrill named Black Widow I picked up because of a rec on Now Smell This. I also have some light, fleeting jasmines, like Jo Malone’s White Jasmine and Mint – refreshing, light, the very definition of air.

I’m feeling more like I want a medium jasmine – something thick enough to sink into but not something that would seem inappropriate in the grocery store.

As it happens I do have a small bottle of Fragonard Lune de Miel (Moon of Honey). It is indeed, as the boards all say, a dead ringer for the easily obtained Lancome Tresor. However, I find the Fragonard just a little softer, a little more luxurious.

It’s a good scent for sinking into and relaxing. I’ll have to look into finding some other jasmines. Surveying The Collection I find myself gravitating towards a number of notes I know I like – sugar, tobacco, tea, vanilla (gourmand anyone?), spices, amber, sandalwood, and a vast collection of what I think of as “lighter morning” perfumes, which range from Parisienne to PTR 460 Park. I think of lily as “my” floral and there are lilies ranging from the bodacious Casablanca lily of DK Gold to the cool chic lily of vintage Diorissimo. There’s even a fig or two, and a blushing collection of roses even though I would probably claim I don’t much care for roses. But not a lot of jasmine. I’m going to keep my eye open for jasmines this spring. I want a jasmine that holds her arms out but doesn’t lick you right away; a womanly jasmine. A worldly jasmine but not a seedy jasmine. Yes.

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