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Yay! My Sweet Anthem bottle of Mary is here!

I was starting to think maybe she’d died or something. She does not rush. To her credit, she says right on her site that if you order something she doesn’t have made up (and Mary’s on the “backlist” of products) then it may be a while before it’s done. For a handmade, vegan, and really lovely perfume, it’s worth a wait. I just suddenly decided I had to have a full bottle of this. I should have bought a travel bottle as well, I think. I don’t know where my little sample oil bottle went.

I’m happy just having it on my fingers again. There’s a sweetness to it (as a vanilla whore, I obviously have a strong tolerance for sweet), but it’s fruity. Instead of a patchouli base, there’s something a bit civetty about it, and that blends in with what becomes dry hay as the fragrance progresses. Cherry, hay, and cat musk – color me happy.

Unfortunately I also got a sample of “Ayn”. Yes, named for Ayn Rand. I will NOT be purchasing any Ayn. I wish she hadn’t sent it; I prefer not to know the politics of the independent artists with which I’m doing business. At least I can support the veganism.

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