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Jouany – lovely, mysteriously unavailable

So at Sniffapalooza this past weekend, I received two samples of the new line of perfumes from Jouany, created by Christophe Jouany, the photographer. I’m trying Marrakesh first – it is gorgeous, I love the soft citrus opening with a little spice, and it is drying down to, on me, a lovely olibanum note that could be quite unisex but is also perfect for a cool rainy spring day when I’m wishing for a little more North African desert weather.

Unfortunately, if you Google Jouany, you will not find any place to purchase it yet, and the card just says in effect that it is available online and at select resellers. They must be very select, because I can’t find them. We Sniffapalooza goers are supposedly the first to get to experience these scents.

So I’ll say now that I would probably buy a bottle of Marrakesh if I could get it, and I’m looking forward to trying St. Barthelmes as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for them now, it’s interesting to note that even Googling doesn’t turn up the actual perfume site, which is at So I’m linking to it, in hopes of upping its visibility. I have to assume that the scent will be available at Luckyscent sometime soon. I am hoping.

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