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Only a light rose for me, thanks, I’m driving

I’m one of those annoying people who says they don’t much care for rose, but own several. I’m pretty picky about my roses – as I suppose most of us who claim not to like them much probably are. Unlike most other notes, I curate my rose collection very carefully, perhaps because a bad rose is very noticeable and very identifiable and I don’t want to be known as “that chick wearing the eye-watering rose.”

I wore some of my Annick Goutal Rose Splendide today, and I hope you had something just as lovely to wear for Mother’s Day. It is a fat, fruity rose, something with a bouquet behind it of other floral notes that stand up to and fill out the rose, not make it wither, and the slight touch of something (apricot? pear?) that makes it just a perfect May rose fragrance, at least to my nose.

It’s also the perfect way to wear an Annick Goutal, which sometimes fade a bit fast. If I’m worried that a rose will last too long on me (and eventually I’ll be sitting there thinking “Oh god, I smell like rose!”), AG is the way to go. And indeed, it has only a slight sillage – I was able to get away with wearing it while sitting on the couch next to my perfume-hating husband and while I don’t think he was happy, he didn’t stagger from the room gagging either.

I almost put on my beloved Roses by Ava Luxe. This is one of her better creations, I think, in that it is a bouquet of roses, just roses, all sorts of roses, and when you’re in the mood for roses, bam, there it is.

If you want to get drunk on roses and nothing but roses, this is a way to go. It isn’t quite as light and pretty in the drydown as the AG, I think, and as an oil it’s a little sweeter out of the gate. But it is lovely, and a rose I would recommend to any rose lover.

I thought about putting on some Amouage Lyric, that blockbuster of roses, but that would really have resulted in way too much alone time for me today 🙂 and lasted way too long. I like and admire Lyric, and as I’ve said before, it’s the rose bouquet that someone should have given Marilyn Monroe – or possibly Lauren Bacall in “How to Marry a Millionaire” – but I almost never have an occasion to wear it, and today wasn’t it. I didn’t want to be drunk on roses, just lightly haunted by them, sweetly, and the AG suited the task perfectly!

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