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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-05

Jouany Marrakesh – lovely, not yet buyable. #fragrance #perfume # I guess it's being widely reported now that Kate Middleton's #fragrance for the royal wedding was Illuminum. No more secrecy for her scent! #

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Jouany – lovely, mysteriously unavailable

So at Sniffapalooza this past weekend, I received two samples of the new line of perfumes from Jouany, created by Christophe Jouany, the photographer. I’m trying Marrakesh first – it is gorgeous, I love the soft citrus opening with a little spice, and it is drying down to, on me, a lovely olibanum note that . . . → Read More: Jouany – lovely, mysteriously unavailable

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-04

@the_non_blonde I hear you, Gaia; Nordstrom is not great at quick delivery. It's overnight from the day shipping gets the order. Meh. in reply to the_non_blonde # @Sniffapalooza Enjoy the handle, Karen! 🙂 in reply to Sniffapalooza #

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In which I learn about wood

There’s a Something I’ve been smelling for YEARS that I could never identify but always wanted to, and I think I’ve finally identified it.

I’ve smelled a lot of men’s scents in particular that have this note. I thought perhaps it was a particular cologne. It is sweet and rich and never fails to send . . . → Read More: In which I learn about wood

Yay! My Sweet Anthem bottle of Mary is here!

I was starting to think maybe she’d died or something. She does not rush. To her credit, she says right on her site that if you order something she doesn’t have made up (and Mary’s on the “backlist” of products) then it may be a while before it’s done. For a handmade, vegan, and really . . . → Read More: Yay! My Sweet Anthem bottle of Mary is here!

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-02

Spring Fling #sniffapalooza is over! Yum! # Loved learning about @birchbox @ #sniffapalooza this weekend – I'm signing up tonight! #

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