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I suspect you, Vanille Insensée

I’m finally filing a bunch of samples I got at Sniffapalooza in the spring – ok, I’m not even filing them yet, I’m just entering them in my spreadsheet so I don’t buy them again – and something leaked on my hand and then smelled nasty. I’m suspecting Vanille Insensée because it was the only vanilla thing in the batch.

It made me put on some Vert pour Madame, to cut the cloying plastic play-doh horribleness, but now I just wish I had a full bottle of Vert pour Madame. I am cranky with my perfumes today.

BUT, I found a mini of Balenciaga Paris! So really I shouldn’t complain.

While I’m dogpiling on Atelier Colognes, though, I must say that I have been rotating through some decants of Oolong Infini, Bois Blonds, and Tréfle Pur, and I can say two things:

1) The drydowns of all of them pretty much smell the same to me.

2) They smell like sharper, more intense versions of my beloved Element of Surprise, now discontinued.

That makes sense; Element of Surprise, from Beth Terry’s Creative Universe, was in Beth’s style: a light, refreshing, almost cologne-type eau de toilette, and the citrus, tea and jasmine would be perfectly at home in Atelier Cologne’s – well, “cologne intense” or however they are styling themselves. I like the idea of Atelier – a cologne that lasts more than an hour, that is, a more intense, concentrated cologne; I just think Beth Terry may have already done it. And since Creative Universe is now out of business, I suppose I should be glad that Atelier has provided me with some similar scents.

But somehow the Beth Terry bottles seem softer and wear more interestingly. I’m still sad they’re discontinued; I’m still glad I have a backup bottle.

Full disclosure: clearly, I have a lot of perfumes. Clearly, I use UP nothing. However, my Element of Surprise bottle is on my bureau and is actually a quarter used and I didn’t give any away, either. I love that stuff and I can easily wear it every day in the summer and have (and probably should, instead of lemming a bottle of Vert pour Madame, dammit. But VpM is quite different – it truly is what it says it is, a green floral chypre from the 70s, and it smells to me like perfume smelled when I was a kid, and it’s beautiful, and dammit I want some. Anyway.) Element of Surprise is one of my desert island perfumes. Not sure anything from Atelier is going to make it to that list.

And if it does, it damn sure won’t be Vanille Insensée. Am I the only perfumista in the world who doesn’t like this stuff? It’s the almond note, it’s play-doh to me – Traversée du Bosphore from L’Artisan is the same way on me. Everyone else loves it; I Do Not Like.

It’s hot and sticky and I REALLY do not want this up my nose right now.

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