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Love licorice?

If you haven’t seen the post from the perfumer responsible for Réglisse Noire, check it out.

I am normally pretty hard-hearted when it comes to people who’ve made poor financial choices. The financial reality is, this entrepreneur probably didn’t get as much up-front money as she needed to launch this business. However.

If a product is a success, then that product deserves to spawn other products. If Réglisse Noire is a good work (and it is widely reviewed as extremely good work), then the artist should profit from it and be able to do more work.

If selling more Réglisse Noire would help keep this business afloat, then the artist certainly deserves to stay afloat. Lovers of her first work might not realize that if they don’t buy it, they won’t get more.

This isn’t a fragrance by Coty that is going to be dumped at TJ Maxx next spring. This is a handmade, hand-advertised product – independent art – and as such if people don’t buy it if they like it, they won’t get a chance to buy it again. Is there any other art form like this one? If you want the chance to buy Réglisse Noire – or Fleur No. 1, which I haven’t tried but which sounds divine – three or five years down the road as well as enjoy wearing it now, then now’s the time to buy some, because otherwise you won’t get the chance in the future.

The perfumer is selling Réglisse Noire at a reduced price, $23 for a 15 ml flacon, at her boutique online, linked to in the above post (here). So if you’d like some Réglisse Noire, I suggest you buy it from her, and soon.

Just passing the thought along.

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