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What perfume goes with crises?

I feel like I can’t even joke about stress. In the past week I’ve had an earthquake, a hurricane, and a number of job-related issues that threatened to cause me to become unemployed (which are now over). I cannot handle one more stressful thing.

I didn’t even know I had this little bottle of Jardin Clos by Diptyque, but it has been doing yeoman’s duty over the last few weeks. It’s calming and lovely and I find myself reaching for it almost every day.

It gets hard after a while to surprise a collector, primarily because I buy things that I know I’m going to like and therefore they end up being… well, often quite a bit like what I already knew I liked. I would never have bought this Jardin Clos, not least because of reviews like these on Makeup Alley. There’s not a lot of love here for Jardin Clos. Also, I’d never dipped my toe into Diptyque fragrance. I’ve been in their stores a time or two, but I’m not much of a candle freak and the selection is overwhelming so I’ve just given the whole thing a miss.

This bottle came to me in a swap, and as I’ve been playing with my collection over the last few months, it got rotated into the bathroom to try.

(*Playing with the collection. It isn’t refining, it isn’t organizing, it isn’t culling; it’s pawing through it every once in a while to see what you’ve missed or forgotten.)

I tried it on one morning in a devil may care mood (I tend to throw things right on my skin, there to enjoy or regret later) and I’ve been wearing it very consistently ever since. It has decent staying power; I’ll catch a whiff of it on myself four or more hours after application. For some reason I wasn’t expecting that from Diptyque. And it’s just pretty without being too much of anything: it’s not too big, not too floral, not too musky, not too overwhelming, not too shy, and not even too pretty – just the right amount of pretty.

I’ve been in the mood for aquatics this summer and wearing a few, which perhaps is why the “aquatic” part of the floral mix that other reviewers dislike so doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m a Cool Water wearer from way back; aquatics don’t frighten me. This one doesn’t smell to me like the clashing floral aquatic other reviews talk about. It smells like it’s titled, a small close garden, rather full of misted gentle flowers. Perhaps it’s formulated just for my dry skin and my stressful August. That makes this little bottle even that much more special.

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