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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • recovering from #sniffapalooza 's fall ball! A great time – blog post to follow! Whew. I need a nap. #
  • Highlights from the fall '11 #Sniffapalooza – more details to come! #perfume #fragrance #
  • And now for massive nerdy fun – entering my #sniffapalooza acquisitions into my database! Thanks @minnewyork – Black Jade is now mine! #
  • testing Aldehyde 44 – a snootful of aldehydes with a bergamot serrated edge – dries powdery, orangeblossom?- Ch no. 5 without the good parts #
  • Gaiac 10 is a lovely wearable gaiac, unisex, focused on the gaiac – but why bother? Because more complex would bother you? Too simple. #
  • Le Labo seems to have mastered the art of top notes that last. But that's not my favorite part of the perfume. #
  • Aldehyde 44 drying down to orange blossom that has nothing to do with nature; Gaiac 10 more sandalwoody in the drydown #
  • @minnewyork Squee! Basket won in the raffle at @Sniffapalooza already arrived! SO. MANY. FUN. THINGS. Will be trying stuff for days! THANK U #
  • Ineke's newest, Field notes from Paris, is a surprisingly loud rose. Don't know why I always expect coffee in "Paris" #perfume s. #fragrance #
  • @the_non_blonde BG won't send it to you? They have Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille. in reply to the_non_blonde #

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