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Quality, price, experience

Right now, for various reasons of the plot, I’m testing two scents: By Kilian’s Prelude to Love ($225 for 1.7 oz at and Heidi Klum’s Shine ($25.21 for 1.7 oz at

One of the things I like about most perfumistas is that they are not really snobbish about perfume – if you . . . → Read More: Quality, price, experience

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

The Unseen Censer is awake and thinking about #perfume markets on Barcelona time! #fragrance # Engineering Replacements for Essential Perfume Ingredients | Magazine #perfume #fragrance # Plenty of compliments on my Diavolo today. 1st #perfume debut from my Barcelona haul! #fragrance Unisex indeed. # I am newly in love with Amouage's Homage . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-20

A rose … and then some more roses…

I have a fraught relationship with roses. I keep claiming I don’t much care for them, but I own a lot. I never reach for a rose perfume in the morning, as in “I want to wear this for the day”, but sometimes I crave a rose and nothing else will do.

My newly acquired . . . → Read More: A rose … and then some more roses…

On the flood of new scents

Your intrepid reporter is back from Barcelona and the wonderful Sniffapalooza tour thereof, and as predicted, is awake at what WOULD be getting up time – in Barcelona.

I have much to blog about the whole visit but was thinking about 1) the amount of perfume I sniffed – and bought, and 2) the visit . . . → Read More: On the flood of new scents

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-06

Sadly, Pretty Woman is extremely vile. I don't even know why; it just is. #perfume #fragrance #

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