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A rose … and then some more roses…

Detail of a rose windowI have a fraught relationship with roses. I keep claiming I don’t much care for them, but I own a lot. I never reach for a rose perfume in the morning, as in “I want to wear this for the day”, but sometimes I crave a rose and nothing else will do.

My newly acquired love (my precioussss) is Amouage’s Homage attar. There’s a lot more to it than roses. It has a heart of what I think of as the Amouage accord, something you find at the heart of Gold or Dia as well, a blend of floral spices, a whisper of oud and frankincense, and even a touch (a touch!) of vanilla that makes the rest of the scent warm, Middle-Eastern-feeling, rich, and as gloriously beautiful as a stained glass window, to my way of thinking.

But to my nose (and to the noses of many of the perfumistas who helped me snort this on a recent shopping trip), the rose in Homage is immediately identifiable. It definitely is nothing but rose. It is neither a green nor a fresh rose; rather it is a rose distilled of many roses, a sort of über-rose that brings a glow to a gray rainy day like today here in New York. This image of a rose window is perfect for this perfume: multifaceted, glowing, a piece of art intended for the ages.

I had such bad luck with Tribute that I didn’t try any more Amouage attars; I thought they would all be way too much of something I didn’t want. Instead, Homage is a great deal of things I do want, and actually very wearable for such a glorious scent. Unlike my precious Gold, I think I could get away with this on an average workday; the attar, a very concentrated oil, wears close to the skin. It is not only rich and detailed, it’s long lasting too, which means that on a busy day it will stay with you, beautifully, for a long time.

The attar is ridiculously expensive – I believe it retails for $355 at for 12 ml. This, you may claim, is absurd. But in fact one dips the little glass wand in the bottle and then rubs it wherever one wants (wrists, inside elbows, decollete, neck) and the scent spreads and sinks in, in the oil format. So this is in fact in line with the rest of Amouage’s prices – this 12 ml bottle will undoubtedly end up being the use equivalent of one of the standard 100 ml eau de parfums. The richness and concentratedness of the ingredients might well justify the price as well.

This one you need to be careful buying – the beautiful little oil bottles with their stoppers are a bit notorious for leaking, so if you buy this by mail order – and odds are you will – be sure it’s from a vendor that will examine the bottle (open the box if necessary) and guarantee your purchase as much as possible. This golden fluid is much too precious to lose!

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  • […] Amouage Homage attar – When I need to live in a happy little cloud of scent, this is the one I reach for. I better be ready for others to know about my cloud – despite the fact that the attar wears a little closer to the skin than Amouage’s EDPs, others WILL know you’re wearing it. It is simply concentrated gloriousness. If you were to squeeze an angel’s robe into a very small perfect bottle, you’d have this juice. This rose/spice/oud blend is, like all Amouages, so seamless that it smells primarily of itself. It makes me happily hum to myself, a perfume happiness hum, while I go on about my business. Is it appropriate to reference Pooh Bear while reviewing an Amouage perfume? It is not. Does this Amouage make me a happy Unseen Censer, humming along in my cloud of Homage? It does. […]

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