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Go straight for the oil

I refrain from narrowing my eyes when others claim to have dry skin, but srsly: *I* have dry skin. It doesn’t look like paper, it looks like a lizard – a dead one. It is covered with little mountain ranges, with jagged tops, that look like scales if I don’t moisturize them into submission. Some days I think the back of my hands mostly look like a nice Bottega Vaneta woven leather bag, but paler. Lotion doesn’t cut it any more; if I want to spend my winter NOT scratching myself raw and watching the fissures of chapped, self-parting skin crawl up my legs, I need to keep it not just hydrated, but protected and sealed. I need oil. I use it after showers and at night and juuuuust keep ahead of the horror.

I also have been rubbing oil into my hands and cuticles at night before sleep, and my nails have slowed in their “ha ha, you’re over 40” splitting behaviors. And of course it helps keep my fingertips from peeling off. (You may think “overshare”, but srsly, *I* have dry skin!)

I like Tarte’s maracuja oil, and I like Josie Maran’s argan oil. But I’m going through the stuff. So I thought I’d pick up a bottle of something cheaper and try it: Watts organic argan oil, which you can currently get in a 1 oz. dropper bottle from for under $10. (I like the half ounce bottles to carry in my makeup bag as if they were hand lotion, because to me they are, or to keep in my desk at work; but a 1 ounce bottle is a minimum size for giving it a serious chance, as I am daily rubbing this stuff into my legs, arms, and belly.) Watts is currently selling their 4 ounce bottle for $32.95, I think, which is less than half of the Josie Maran bottle of the same size (currently selling at Sephora for $96. Hey, that’s more like a third of the cost, isn’t it?)

My question was, of course, whether or not the Watts was comparable in quality. I love my Josie Maran products and use her sunscreen constantly; I figure her oil was a good benchmark.

I’m happy to say the Watts seems to be very much the same. It sinks in to the same degree (it might be slightly thicker) and feels just as good. Like the other product, it has no real smell. It stops the itching I suffer from all winter. It comes with a little insert that points out all the ways you can use it – add it to your shampoo or styling products for your hair, for instance. And it claims, at least, to be fairly traded with the Berber women who primarily create this product, and organic. I’m very pleased.

These are fairly fresh oils, so I wouldn’t expect you could buy some and keep it forever; but a bigger bottle you think you’ll go through before spring would be a great buy at these prices, or you could also store it in the back of the fridge to extend its life.

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