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Drive-by DSH sample testing

Apropos of my goal (not a resolution!) to try and out away more of the samples flying all over the house:

La Plage – not sure what’s beachy about this except the slight ozone note. Otherwise not particularly memorable.

En Fleur – love the name, but I’ve got things that are fleur-ier… Also not a standout.

Italian Splendor (Divine Gardens) – well now. Very herbal start and a grassy orange blossom type finish… Reminds me of a classic men’s cologne. I can imagine this being reminiscent of Napoleon’s favorite eau. Not what I want to wear and not really strong enough for winter, but worth spending more time on.

Also just acquired some OpusOils Jazz and I’m really sad, because it is not serving my jasmine craving at all… Has a strong fecal note that is not unreasonable if the jasmine is very indolic but IS unwearable. I’m sad, I enjoy Giggle Water so much, and this is supposed to be tho similarly soliflore jasmine. Whups. Washed it off (at least it’s an oil!) and masked with some Eau des Merveilles.

I guess this “just whack on some samples as you wander around the house” is not without its dangers! I really need to smell things on skin, though, so that’s the way it goes.

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