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More quick tests

Yosh Stargazer- to me this smells like three notes, all annoying. I know Yosh uses a lot of natural ingredients so I’m not sure why this reads so simplistic to me – that’s usually something I get with more synthetic ingredients (lower quality synthetics, not the good stuff). Not worth pursuing.

Yosh White Flowers – not surprisingly, white flowers. I like this much better; it really is white flowers, for me without the wood base that so many white flowers compositions have (this dries down to more of a skin musk – the light, detergent kind). I would wear this, but not in love with it.

Revisiting DSH Italian Splendor Divine Gardens – This really fooled me. I thought it was more of an herbal, standard cologne, but it dried down into the softest floral, one that to me read like nothing but lavender. (There’s no lavender in the notes but this is what it smells like to me.) It started to remind me of a more interesting men’s colone, perhaps something like Pour Un Homme but without vanilla. I wore it again, and again. I may need a bottle of this. It smells like spring: herbal beginning, light floral drydown, nothing to ground it anywhere in there but very balanced all the way through.

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