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Paris and a garden on the roof; quick tries

Balenciaga Paris – opens with a blast of orris – not a good start, iris is not my favorite thing. Dries down quickly to something with faint white flowers and a touch of the least bitter citrus I’ve ever smelled – to compare it to Tang would be belittling and it shouldn’t be belittled, it’s lovely. It’s alllllllmost like orange flower but NOT. Definitely the citrus. Not green enough to be leaf. Or maybe it is leaf? I’m not sure under what circumstances I would want to wear this and not something else more definitively categorical. But it is very pretty; requires further consideration. The more it dries down, the more I want to wear it. UPDATE: But in the far drydown, the iris/orris comes back. Elegant – but not for me.

Hermès Jardin sur le Toit – Is there anything Jean-Claude Ellena does that I don’t like? I agree with Ida from CaFleureBon on this one – it’s surprisingly lovely, and it gets better the longer you wear it. The green here is more concentrated, more aquatic than galbanum but not the least bit touched with Calone to my nose, and a smell like sunshine on a garden flat on a roof – I can’t explain it better than that (a touch of hot wood? hot tar? plastic? rotting soil? I don’t know but it smells like exactly what it purports to be – a garden on a roof. I want to sit in this garden.

If I keep sitting in it, though, I like it less. Past ten minutes the aquatic note becomes more pronounced and bilgey, reminding me of this hilarious/amazing review of Amouage Honour Woman. My skin is superdry so perhaps I’ve lost notes I should have kept. Nonetheless, do not want to live in a cloud of this.

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