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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • Via @PrimalMist -FANTASTIC ideas for storing perfume samples!! #perfume #fragrance #
  • Quick tests – Yosh Stargazer and White Flowers, and DSH Divine Gardens again. #perfume #fragrance #
  • @Sniffapalooza is doing a giveaway of a Lemon Cloud sample – Barcelona memories! Last chance to Enter! #
  • @nickgblue have you ever tried a neti pot? with some saline solution they can right your sinuses quicker than just leaving them alone. in reply to nickgblue #
  • Irresponsibly quick tests of Balenciaga Paris, Hermes Sur le Toit. #perfume #fragrance #
  • @UnityCassel The idea of picking one favorite scent is horrible. But I'd have to pick Ava Luxe No. 23. Please don't maroon me on an island! in reply to UnityCassel #
  • @KatiePuckrik Thanks for – I feel better about liking the first Kim Kardashian perfume now. Cheers! #
  • @nickgblue Neti pots are not super pleasant. But they do work! in reply to nickgblue #
  • Bottega Veneta = Elizabeth Taylor Black Pearls – florals + patchouli and musk (and, I swear, a touch of oud). Discuss. #perfume #fragrance #
  • Basenotes – Perfume Is A Dish Best Sprayed Cold – Roja Dove At The Wellcome Collection: via @AddThis #
  • I love Krazy Krizia! Gotta see if I can find my mini. RT @Boisdejasmin Krazy Krizia : Perfume Review #
  • I am truly overwhelmed right now with the number of samples floating around to be tested. 🙁 #
  • Upside of testing: DSH Piment et Chocolat just as good as I expected. #
  • Rainy Jan. day and Balmain de Balmain is a little smoky, w perfect floral bouquet, just a slight take-charge edge.#wherehaveyoubeenallmylife #
  • Reviewed Roja Dove's The Essence of Perfume. #fragrance #perfume #
  • Wish I could go to this! Would love to smell your juice, @nickgblue 🙂 HALSTON!!! Basenotes – Event:: via @AddThis #
  • Un Petit Rien becoming fave thing from the basket I won @minnewyork Cannot thank you folks enough because I would never have tried this! #

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