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Preparing to fast

The Unseen Censer is preparing to not buy any perfume in the month of March. Yes.

I track my purchases for the Now Smell This quarterly “damage” poll, and since I know what I’ve spent in the last two months… well, it’s time to put on the reins. This intrepid reporter became very excited by . . . → Read More: Preparing to fast

Drive-bys at my leisure

By Kilian Sweet Redemption – Orange blossom Prada Candy. A slightly benzoiny carameled orange blossom, with the inevitable orange blossom taste of soap. Caramel soap anyone? As usual I find myself liking a By Kilian more than I thought I would at first snort; but this one isn’t really ringing my bells. I’ll stick . . . → Read More: Drive-bys at my leisure

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

Phew! Finally finished my Top 20 Project review of J'adore by Dior! #perfume #fragrance # More quick tests for the diary! Delrae Bois de Paradis is top fave, plus Versace V'E, SL Feminite du Bois, and Micallef Aoud Gourmet. # Quick tests for Versace, Serge Lutens, Delrae, and Micallef, at #perfume #fragrance . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

Technical Notes

All righty then! The Unseen Censer is now mobilified. This site should work on iPhones, Android, Blackberry, and any other handheld device, with a handy-dandy simplified interface speeded up for teeny tiny processors; also iPad.

I’m very pleased with the result except that comments don’t appear to show on the handheld device unless you . . . → Read More: Technical Notes

How do you “test” a perfume?

I’m a lackadaisical tester. I treat samples like M&M’s. I come across them, in my desk, in my purse, on my bureau, and I pop them.

At least, I’m trying to do that. I have literally hundreds of samples that I cared enough to acquire but haven’t tried, or haven’t tried enough. After feeling oppressed . . . → Read More: How do you “test” a perfume?

India, not Bollywood: For Strange Women’s Bollywood perfume

When I was ten, my mother joined an ashram. (Her hippie phase had been delayed by having children, but when it hit, it stayed.) I spent my childhood visiting the ashram fairly regularly, learning a little about yoga and how to wear a sari, enjoying my picturebook on Krishna’s defeat of Agha the demon as . . . → Read More: India, not Bollywood: For Strange Women’s Bollywood perfume