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Hugo Pure Purple does not inspire purple prose.

OMFG I finally finished updating my list with all my samples and where they are. I feel like I’ve aged five years plus I’m covered in smells. Because, you know, it’s kind of irresistable to just put a tiny dab on when something interesting goes by in the process.

Then at the end I found a sample of Hugo Pure Purple. Wasn’t in the list, never saw it before; more than likely came in a swap or from a Sniffapalooza. I sprayed it on my arm knowing that it had very little chance of swamping all the other Stuff on there, quite frankly.

(I say this, too, as someone who almost never mixes perfumes unless I am trying to layer. I know a lot of perfumistas will wear two and three perfumes in a day, or more. I don’t do this, unless what I was wearing is all gone. I hate smelling echoes of multiple perfumes on me – I get confused about what I’m smelling and how to remember it. I don’t have a good enough memory for scents to just whack them on willy-nilly.)

(Also growing up I never liked my peas to touch my mashed potatoes.)

Actually, the Hugo did quite respectably at overcoming the opposition. It is a fairly big fruity-floral-laundry musk thing, relatively sweet, that I cannot imagine being able to differentiate from anything else I would buy in a department store; yet, I would wear this, if I remembered to do it. It’s pleasant and inoffensive. I can’t imagine it will do well in the market, though, as who would ever remember what it was they were trying to buy?

Other spots I can remember?

The DSH Fire Opal was disappointingly dry and sharp – disappointing because I just acquired a bottle. The Firefly dried down to nothing but That Woody Note I Can Never Identify But Quite Like. (Based on this scent I must assume it is Opoponax.) The Memoir Woman is of course glorious, I can see why people rave about it. And finally remembered that it’s the Andrea Maack Smart I actually want a bottle of. (No rush, though.) All in all, a productive day but I smell dizzying.

Now to bake some bread.

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