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Spring in February

It’s warm and moist here and there are people outside digging up last year’s plants and putting in new ones for this year. It’s appropriate to wear green.

I am rocking DSH Vert pour Madame today but it certainly wears down enough for me to test other things in the afternoon. (It actually has very good staying power on me for such a natural perfume.)

So I’m testing Michael Storer Il Giardino on one hand and Royal Apothic’s The Beehive Union on the other.

Michael Storer seems very silly to me because his company advertises in much perfumespace on the web, but if I go to his website, I can’t figure out how to order anything, because the website is broken. What’s the point of sniffing then? Just to sniff it.

Il Giardino is surprisingly well done. I’m trying not to analyze notes right away, just get an impression of a perfume, and Il Giardino is working well on a day I started by wearing Vert pour Madame.

DSH Vert pour Madame is like the Garden of Eden, if it were being run by a sexy-stern teacher named Eve. There’s a crispness to it, it has backbone, and yet the florals are so lovely and the green is so bright. There’s a light clean skin scent at the far side that speaks of fig leaves taken off.

Il Giardino is rather different. It has a green floralness to it, but it’s… sharp. Perhaps this sample has gone off, but sniffing this, with my nose right next to my skin, actually makes my nose hurt. There’s an openness to it (perhaps sandalwood?) but I can’t get enough of an overall composition other than that to comment on. A green open garden, but very unpleasant to wear.

The Beehive Union is honey. With some honey. Honey haters aren’t going to wear this one, even though it lacks the fecal quality of some honeys. I prefer Ava Luxe’s Honey, or the ultimate Back to Black. This seems a bit plain compared to them.

Two more samples out of the sample bowl and into the “to file” pile! (I need to post a picture of the sample collection. It’s finally been somewhat tamed.)

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2 comments to Spring in February

  • basia

    I love Back to Black and as soon as I can afford it will be ordering some. Loved MAC’s Naked Honey enough to buy 2 backups since it was LE and cheap at the time. Can you recommend other honey scents?

    • Judith

      Hmm, good question… People rave about Aftelier’s Honey Blossom but it didn’t do much for me, and the Ava Luxe Honey is discontinued… I don’t think Serge Lutens’ Miel de Bois is that honey-ish but you should certainly try it. BPAL has a tobacco flower & honey scent but I’ve never smelled it (and can’t imagine a tobacco honey that is better than Back to Black!) I do like Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey, if it can be found.

      I think it’s the kind of thing that can work quite well in an oil; perhaps check out Sweet Anthem and see if they have anything with a honey note, and get a sample?

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