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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

  • Rose Oud from By Kilian. Is a rose oud. *shrug* #
  • wth. I don't remember absolu pour le soir being this smokey and incensey. turning to more body/sandalwood as it dries… definitely cumin. #
  • @perfumesforme Thank you, by the way, for the mention in the Feb. 5 paper! in reply to perfumesforme #
  • Great review of Rochas Man at perfumeshrine: The bottle description is spot-on. 🙂 #
  • AnotherPerfumeBlog is testing the effects of wearing LOTS of perfume. Results so far! #
  • Hilde Solani Untitled #7 – great citrus vanilla, or *the greatest* citrus vanilla?? #perfume #fragrance #yum #
  • @thescentsofself sez: *too many* perfume bloggers is like *too many* cute puppies. off to piddle on the rug. #
  • Damnation. J'adore review for the Top 20 project delayed for lack of plain old modern J'adore. I'm gonna hafta go to the mall tomorrow!!! #

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