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More vacation testing drive-bys

Amouage Amanie – nice white florals, but overwhelming impression of soap. If this is something genuine (and the bottle certainly looks like it is), someone in the Middle East wants to smell like soap. I wonder what that note is. There’s orange blossom in here, but this is not me mistaking the orange blossom for soap; it’s soap. Kind of wearing after a while.

Creed Aubepine Acacia – what was I thinking when I acquired this? This is a lovely piney woods scent, and very masculine. Something softer in the drydown, but I doubt I’ll wear this often.

Armani La Femme Bleue – this will have to be re-tried in the spring when there’s some humidity in the air, because what I’m getting from it is – paper. I’m sure Armani didn’t put out a paper-scented perfume. Possibly slightly amber-scented paper? Trying again in spring.

Maybe my sniffer’s broke. I’ll put some Byredo Seven Veils on the other hand.

Hmm, Seven Veils is more almondy than usual – it’s definitely too dry in here to do any of these justice.

Maybe I’ll hop in the shower to see what they smell like when they’re wet!

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