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Technical Notes

Technical difficultiesAll righty then! The Unseen Censer is now mobilified. This site should work on iPhones, Android, Blackberry, and any other handheld device, with a handy-dandy simplified interface speeded up for teeny tiny processors; also iPad.

I’m very pleased with the result except that comments don’t appear to show on the handheld device unless you turn off the mobile interface. This is not right.

However, the purpose of the Unseen Censer is not to poke around in PHP code; the purpose is to sniff stuff. So, we’ll deal with this for now, unless/until I get really annoyed with it or you all report you are really annoyed with it. I suspect there is another plugin interfering with this one.

In similar news, Askimet, the spam prevention software, was catching all my comments and sending them to spam – including things I had written myself. Whaaa?? This was obviously Not Right, so Askimet has been turned off. This also means there is no contact-me form on the site; but, c’est la vie. I suspect y’all might rather comment than contact me, and I would like the comments to show. SO.

There’s that.

Image is Technical difficulties by alamosbasement, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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2 comments to Technical Notes

  • I don’t want to be difficult, but you might want to add a contact address to your About page – just in case somebody does prefer contacting you to commenting 😉

    • Judith

      No no, you’re not being difficult at all! But I really cannot add an address to the page without spam control – I’m getting too much spam from work-related blogs now – and Askimet, which was the spam control required for the plugin I got, messed with comments. So.

      You know what, I’ll set up a one-time address and put that on there and have it forward to a new account with spam protection on it. I think I can do that.

      Still, I doubt any of y’all are going to contact me without commenting, my 4 readers (and you all have my email address too I think!) 🙂

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