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Random snorts

Got to try L’Heure Magique from Laura Mercier – wow, this is elegant. My Nana would have loved this, and that is no faint praise about old lady scents; there was no one classier or cooler than my Nana. L’Heure Magique does not invite dissection; it’s incredibly beautiful and blended. I can see why over on Perfume Posse they mentioned a slight tea note to it; but it’s both not really tea enough for me and at the same time plenty gorgeous in and of itself, without the tea.

Fresh Cannabis – more ambery than you would think from the name. A nice cozy amber, with some green (cannabis?) at the top which is slightly unusual, but this doesn’t drive me to want.

Interesting note about testing Morgane le Fay scents – I adore Yellow, and found Blue surprisingly spicy and complex, but Green gave me what I think is the first skin reaction I’ve ever had from perfume. This is not a bad thing, as far as I’m concerned, since it’s probably a natural ingredient – and probably something pine-related, as Green had a gorgeous piney, resiny something to it, and live Christmas trees cause me to develop a rash. So there you go. It smelled very pretty, by the way.

I haven’t bought any perfume yet this month, by the way – but I did get a Nars yachio blush brush I’ve been thinking about for a long time (based on the Non-Blonde’s advocacy of yachio brushes for blush.) So… I’m… good?

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4 comments to Random snorts

  • basia

    You are very good – but it’s only March 6th!! 🙂

  • I opened the message planning to say exactly what basia above has said 🙂

    • Judith

      It’s like slogging through mud, the slowness of this month…

      Seriously, it’s kind of harder AND easier than I thought. It’s not that hard to say to myself “No, not today”. And it’s easier when I look at all the things I COULD have bought if I didn’t already spend ALL my quarter’s perfume allowance and a bit more. But it’s kind of hard to see how slowly the time is going, and to fill my time with other things.

      HOWEVER, I am reading books. And work and stuff. 🙂

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