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Tired Unseen Censer is Tired.

These last few weeks have been a blur and I need to recover. I haven’t even read the perfume blogs for a week (tonight I get to decide whether or not to comment on week-old posts!). How YOU doin’?

I’m struggling with my comments on other people’s blogs, too. Used to be I could just put in my email address and it worked; now it’s telling me that address is associated with a WordPress account and to log in to use it. Well, I don’t WANT to. Buzz off, WordPress, sticking your nose in where you’re not wanted! WTF, anyway?

I need to do some posts on perfume shops I visited while traveling, and other Thinky Thoughts. Mostly I just want to nap with my cat.

Some of the days I was traveling I was so busy I never even got around to putting on perfume. Turns out it’s not like getting dressed; it takes brain space, and the perfume would have been distracting or lost in the shuffle, I was paying attention so hard to so many other things.

What about you? Is perfume relaxing, distracting, a no-brainer, a brain refresher?

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4 comments to Tired Unseen Censer is Tired.

  • I need to wear a perfume. If I don’t it starts bothering me. Not even an absence of a scent but the idea of not wearing any. so it’s easier for me to put on something and stop thinking about it.

    If you feel like you need rest – you need rest. Everything else is secondary. You’ll be back – and everything will be exactly where you left it.

    As to the comments, there are just several very populated blogs where, probably, it doesn’t make much sense to comment. But I think that most other bloggers will be glad to hear what you think about the topic they offered – even if it’s a week later.

    WordPress was acting this way in the recent week. Randomly for me (and I AM using a wordpress profile to comment!)

    • Judith

      See, if you had asked me, I would have said the same – that I would have felt undressed without some perfume, like I would feel without earrings. But being in a new environment and all things being new (food, people, surroundings), I didn’t even notice that I was without scent. And couldn’t be bothered to stop all the interesting things I was doing to figure out what to wear!

      I really enjoy planning what perfume I’m going to wear the next day, and then I often revise it in the morning; I don’t think I had any of that thinking time available.

      Yes, I DID need rest – and now I am evilly sick and I know, I did it wrong. Should have rested more BEFORE I got sick, I think.

      Still hating WordPress a bit (because I have many accounts, for work and personal uses). Still thinking I would like to post replies on some articles that came out this week or last – but because WP is making it so hard, I mostly didn’t. (I posted something rather thoughtful to one perfume blog and just couldn’t face trying to write it again, so gave up when it gave me a WP error. Boo.)

      • That’s why before clicking on Submit/Publish button I always copy the text into a clipboard. It became a habit. I skip it sometimes if I post from iPad (it’s harder and doesn’t always work there) – and pay for it once in a while. But from a real computer – never!

        • Judith

          I feel very cranky about this – when I have to copy and paste what I’m about to lose, I blame the website. What is this, 2003? Still of course, you’re very right. And until all the various websites work out all their various authentication methods, I’m going to be as careful as I can!

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