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What the Unseen Censer is pondering

Another Perfume Blog contemplates a fairly Stepford-wife gardenia…

…which is a welcome break from the mad anticipation of Amouage’s Opus VI, an amber (an Amouage amber!), at Olfactoria’s Travels, The Candy Boy’s (they choreographed their reviews to appear yesterday!), and the Alembicated Genie.

I have spent this winter learning to love amber due to the . . . → Read More: What the Unseen Censer is pondering

The woman who taught me about women

It’s International Women’s Day for another 48 minutes. Several women wished me a good International Women’s Day today, which makes this feminist graduate of a women’s college very happy. I also enjoyed The Scents of Self’s essay on how arguments she sees from “professional” perfumers against bloggers in the perfumosphere look suspiciously like “We . . . → Read More: The woman who taught me about women

Random snorts

Got to try L’Heure Magique from Laura Mercier – wow, this is elegant. My Nana would have loved this, and that is no faint praise about old lady scents; there was no one classier or cooler than my Nana. L’Heure Magique does not invite dissection; it’s incredibly beautiful and blended. I can see why over . . . → Read More: Random snorts

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

#firstmovieexperience A Disney movie at the drive-in. Fell asleep in the back of the station wagon, which was backed to face the screen. # @thescentsofself oh, I thought Penelope Cruz looked completely gorgeous and classic. Not groundbreaking, but beautiful. in reply to thescentsofself # 3 drive-by tests: 2 By Kilians and a Caron. Too . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

Pssst. This review is a secret.

I am not that young; I’ve had time to accept that I’m always the last to know.

Still, it always surprises me.

After years of hearing about “Ormonde Jayne Woman” this and “Ormonde Jayne Woman” that, I just broke down and simply bought a sample from the Perfumed Court.

It wasn’t going to magically come . . . → Read More: Pssst. This review is a secret.

Spring fragrance? You’re soaking in it.

I’m changing my mind about Hierbas de Ibiza.

When Sniffapalooza arrived in Barcelona we were greeted with, among other things, a lovely bag of samples of bath and fragrance products from Spanish company Hierbas de Ibiza. These were provided by JC Apotecari, hands-down the best pointer I could give you for a fantastic place to . . . → Read More: Spring fragrance? You’re soaking in it.