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Vacation perfume planning!

I’m trying to figure out what perfumes to take with me on my upcoming three days at the BEACH with my BROTHER, who is one of the coolest people in the whole world. Like my beloved husband, he doesn’t give a damn about perfume, so the question is really for me.

Over at EauMG this morning Victoria made Beyond Love sound like the perfect spring fling beach fragrance. Tuberose and coconut? Sign me up!

One of the best things about having reached saturation point with my sample collection is that I could dig some out (and, theoretically, if it rings my bells, pack some with me.) I dug out one of the ubiquitous By Kilian sample sprays of Beyond Love and gave it a gentle test on skin.

Tuberose? Bing. Coconut? Bing. For about three minutes I think YES! This is it. Victoria has it exactly right – where have you been all my vacation life, Beyond Love?

Then, my Beyond Love affair is over. What may have read like salt to someone else on me becomes the hugest, nastiest, most chemical, artificial metal note that I think I’ve ever smelled. Someone has murdered a robot with a plastic knife.

This has become an active scrubber. No wonder I never wore this before. I remembered thinking “ew!” when I tried it before, but with a warning in hand that it was coconut I was smelling, and my vacation in mind, I thought this time I would “get” it. Nothing to get – on my skin this thing is pure heinous evil.

I actually have an all purpose beach fragrance. Don’t laugh, but I have a bottle of J Lo’s Deseo, and it never fails to make me feel beachy on those days when I need it. Sel de Vetiver is actually beachier, if by beach you mean dry salt grass, but Deseo works for me.

I’m sad, Beyond Love. We had so little time together. Just two or three minutes, by my clock.

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8 comments to Vacation perfume planning!

  • Beyond Love isn’t “my” perfume as well but not because of the development but because of tuberose.
    My perfect beach scent is Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. A number of Ormonde Jayne’s perfumes are also great for that purpose.
    For the coconut you can look for Honoré des Prés’ Love Coconut and for tuberose Vamp à NY. Both aren’t my favorite but many of those who tried loved them.

    • Judith

      I love tuberose, though. Frequently. Often. It wasn’t the tuberose in this that turned on me.

      I now have Providence Perfume’s Cocoa Tuberose, and I love it. It might be what I take with me. Celebratory, even if not the least bit beachy. 🙂

      I don’t think I’ve ever smelled Honoré des Prés’ Love Coconut or Vamp à NY. I’ll have to look for those. I am suspicious of the chemicals that reproduce “coconut” scent – they seem to often go wrong for me.

      As I told Victoria on Twitter, I want to buy Bronze Goddess, but even haunting eBay repeatedly, I can never quite tell which bottle is The Good Stuff – there are so many flankers. So I never buy any. I have a small decant, though; it didn’t impress me as Fantasticabulicious, but I will try it again in warmer weather.

      One of my planned summer purchases is going to have to be an Ormonde Jayne sample set.

      • Where do I start? Too many comments 🙂

        I’m not a fan of Honoré des Prés (many people are!) but, if I remember it correctly, they pride themselves on producing organic perfumes so you shouldn’t fear their coconut.

        Now, about the Bronze Goddess. Every year Estee Lauder re-introduces a new batch of the original Bronze Goddess and one new flanker. So right now they are at all EL counters. And with the price $55 I wouldn’t be risking getting an old/spoiled one from eBay.
        I also liked this year’s flanker (Capri) but I read lukewarm reviews for it and if you were to go just for one, everybody seems to agree the original one is a very nice perfume.

        Ormonde Jayne sample set was one of the best perfume finds for me. There isn’t a single scent in there I do not at least like.

    • Judith

      In other news, it weirds me out that my replies to the gray comments seem to get nested, but to the white comments they don’t. They do, of course, but it doesn’t show well because there isn’t a white “box” they’re in.

      Very visually confusing. Not sure there’s a way to address it – or that it matters enough to fuss with.

      But I keep being worried that I didn’t reply TO you!

  • My coconut scent is Yosh’s Ginger Ciao. I would like to be on a beach wearing it. That would be awesome.

    Instead today I am feeling as if it is a fragile spring, so today is Champs-Elysees. It’s making me think of Caitlin, of course.

    Perhaps you should pass that By Killian off to someone whose skin doesn’t do that. Do you have a “Must go!” pile?

    • Judith

      You know, the Ginger Ciao I lifted off you might be a great option. I will dig that out.

      In a week I will be on a beach. I will drink something and toast to you. 🙂

      I don’t think you should wear Champs-Elysees if it makes you sad; only if you feel happy to be thinking of Caitlin.

      I do actively give away anything I love. Things I hate I don’t give away. But then of course someone else might not hate them! 🙂 I think I have multiple Beyond Love samples so I may keep one for reference and give away the other. (Because if I didn’t have “files” I would have gone out looking to try it again, not realizing that it is horrible, horrible on me! I used to sniff a bunch of things I didn’t keep notes on – which is why I started trying to keep ‘diary’ notes here.)

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