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I am a real perfume blogger: here’s my cat.

Several folks on Twitter have gotten to admire photos of Her Majesty (usually known around here as Harleycat, or Stinkybutt), but I thought I’d show why you don’t get to see more photos of her, either on Twitter or here.

Because she doesn’t much care for being photographed.

Hungry for the paparazzi she is not. Here is a documentary of our usual time spent with the camera:

"It's nice here."

"I hear an unwelcome noise, as of a shutter closing."

"Is that a camera?"

"Eh. I can still hear the camera noise over here."

"I'm out."

"Say g'bye to my butt."

And she ambles away. All because nothing, NOTHING has happened except that I have turned on a camera and begun taking her picture.

So. She’s a little like Queen Elizabeth. You can adore her, but not too close, please.

Not that she’s super riveting. I mean, I adore her and she is the very best cat ever (and I tell her so all the time), but it’s not like she’s super interactive. Here’s a basic interaction with the cat:



"Where's the treat?"

"Seriously, where's the treat?"

Not a deep thinker, is Harleycat.

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3 comments to I am a real perfume blogger: here’s my cat.

  • 🙂 You are a real perfume blogger!

    I recognize “where’s the treat?!” look. My cat mastered it as well.

    Rusty doesn’t like flash but he’s fine with just a camera. Especially when I take pictures of anything he’s not supposed to play with (food, flowers, perfumes). Then he’ll make sure to introduce himself into the picture.

    So, what’s the real name of your beautiful cat?

  • Judith

    That’s the thing. There is no flash. There’s just the very quiet closing of the shutter. And she doesn’t like it. Prima donna.

    She really is Harley. I named her after either Harlequin (because her face is split with colors) or Harley Quinn, the Batman villain.

    I love watching The Non-Blonde’s cats insert themselves into her blog’s beautiful photos. And I loved your gorgeous cat playing with the flowers too. Anything to play with is so below Harleycat. She just can’t be bothered.

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