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Random impressions from the first day of Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2012

Cinco de Mayo at Sniffapalooza

I’m surprised how few folks knew about L’Eau de Chloe. It really does smell like it contains the high concentration of rosewater they claim for it; a perfect spring perfume.

Amouage’s Beloved was very much as I imagined it would be, though my imagination wasn’t good enough to conjure up the exact scent.

Robert Piguet’s new line is really wonderful. I expect to see a lot of blog press about this.

Liked Ambre Nue, the new one from Atelier Cologne, more than I thought I would.

Samsara – I can see why I can never remember what this smells like; it’s hard to parse, yet every time I caught a whiff of it on me I wanted to start singing “I Love the 80s! (pop-up video)”

There are still a handful of bottles of the 2012 Muguet at Guerlain. I resisted the urge but did, in fact, want one.

This was probably one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had at Bendel’s. The staff really went all out of their way for us.

Planned purchases: $30 (the new Âmes Soeurs from Joya, extremely reasonable.) Unplanned purchases: $275, which I have to say is a personal best at a Sniffa.

Jacomo’s It’s Me – extremely lovely as well. Enough like Âmes Soeurs that I didn’t want to buy both at one time; enough different that I could imagine owning both.

Did not get a L’Artisan mini in my Bendel’s gift bag. Curse the luck.

I forgot to sniff Opus VI (but hope it is at MiN tomorrow!) and forgot to survey the Edward Bess counter for spring makeup (probably fortunate).

Will have to decide tomorrow whether or not to buy the Gin Fizz at MiN on discount day. I really do like it, no matter what anyone says. But I bought Notes as an unplanned purchase from Robert Piguet.

Great to see so many old friends again, including a new blogger to me, the very lovely Alicia of Champagne Beauty. Enjoyed meeting Alyssa Harad and hearing her read an excerpt from her book Coming to my Senses at lunch – this is on my preorder list for my Kindle. And I was surprised at how familiar the faces were to me from my Barcelona trip – spend a week schlepping around a Spanish city with someone and their face gets very imprinted on your memory! SOOOO happy to see them again. Missed Jennifer pretty badly! Are you out there, chica? Do you know I bought a big-ole serious-ass camera just because of you?

And just for the record, Ari from The Scents of Self was the belle of the ball in her perfume-printed dress, fresh from her first entries at Perfume Posse – wish I’d gotten a picture!

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