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Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2012 is over. Sniff.

Spring Sniffa Haul

Every Sniffa is different. This time I feel like I sniffed everything I wanted to sniff and then some, was OK about those few things I missed, restrained my spending to an acceptable level, and really enjoyed talking to those people I got to see (some for the severalth time) rather than engaging in a mad panic of meeting new people. It was simultaneously satisfying and stimulating, calm and kaleidoscopic at the same time, a true, well, sniffapalooza.

I’m so tired that I can feel the excitement oozing out of my toes as I sit here, and the flurry of things I want to write about becomes all messed up, not just an omelette, but a plate of rapidly separating scrambled eggs, about as appealing as that metaphor.

So I will partake of that time-honored tradition, Logging The Sniffa Haul. I will pull out my GoogleDocs spreadsheet and enter the samples and acquisitions of the weekend. It won’t include the many non-perfume extras, including meeting the wonderful man from Robert Piguet Parfums whose name I will have to look up, the rose from the Chloé representatives, pens, very cool paper/other clips, or all the care and attention all the representatives lavished on us. (Kelly & Jones’ adorable set of wine-scented samples tied together into a little gift package!)

Harleycat yawn

That's yawning, not attacking.

Nor will it include my stiff knees!

So here’s what Harleycat thinks of the haul.

How was your weekend?

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