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Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

Hey, you know what I’m not good at? Doing a detailed wrap-up of a Sniffapalooza. I’ve been doing this blog for a year and a half and haven’t done a great Sniffa wrap-up post yet.

A step-by-step travel report would be great… but would require too much note-taking while I’m there. I’d like to try it sometime – but this isn’t that time!

I counted and I have more than 40 new samples I’d really like to try and undoubtedly be reporting on. I have them stored separately so I can mention when I’m reviewing a scent obtained at Sniffapalooza!

But meanwhile, I did *cough* buy a few things, as well as a few other things *cough cough* recently, and while not ready to write my full reviews this minute, I’ll note them in case someone wants to prod me to review them:

Notes by Robert Piguet. I’m planning a whole post on the new Piguet line. While debuting collections usually makes me tired, these were all interesting and very well done, and worth reporting on (and collecting!)

Londinium by Molton Brown. Hopefully further thoughts on this are already in the works; stay tuned.

I bought a trio of minis from Histoires de Parfums, who know how to handle addicts: with small bottles! I got the Blanc Violette I’d intended to get (sometimes in May a girl just wants an unchallenging violet, you know?), but also 1725 (Casanova) and 1804 (George Sand). I did already HAVE 3 of their minis; thanks to my online spreadsheet I did not duplicate. *facepalms with embarrassment over level of nerdiness at using Google Docs while perfume shopping.*

And Âmes Soeurs, the lovely scent developed by Joya to go along with M.J. Rose’s novel The Book of Lost Fragrances. Ms. Rose could not have been nicer to us perfume freaks (after all she’s one of us), working with Henri Bendel to find some of the advance bottles of the perfume, AND giving away both some samples and some copies of her book to some of the lucky lunchgoers on the first day. She also signed the books of several of us who asked her to, right there on the stairs in Bendel’s. I was thrilled with my early sample of Âmes Soeurs and specifically wanted to buy it, but was even MORE thrilled to find out that 1) Henri Bendel was carrying it, so I wouldn’t have to mail order it, and 2) WITH TAX it was about $30. I must do a full review of this so you know what a bargain this is!

What did I buy circum-Sniffa? (Because, you know, splurging/splorging/making unattractive wet noises while emptying my wallet [isn’t splurging an unattractive word?] at Sniffa isn’t enough?)

Hilde Soliani’s Bell’Antonio – as I tweeted, I am REALLY enjoying this. In fact I’m getting some other samples to learn more about this perfumer (she also did the Untitled No. 7 from Luckyscent that I love.)

A bottle of Azuree Soleil I got at a great price on evilBay.

A great little bottle of Miller Harris Fleur Oriental EDP, because of the frequent recs by My New Love Katie Puckrik.

I finally, after two years of waiting (a story in itself!), acquired a bottle of Vero Profumo’s Rubj EDP; my birthday bottle, from my in-laws. Chosen by me, of course.

And a Marc Jacobs Ginger splash that I scored at TJ Maxx for $22, because it reminded me of ginger ale and I thought it would be great for summer. (I have a weakness for these splashes, swear to God.)

Some of the most exciting samples acquired:
Full set of the wine-inspired perfumes of Kelly & Jones
Full set of the interesting, quite niche Spadaro perfumes
Full set (16 in the box!!!!) of Illuminum perfumes
3 Providence Perfume Co. samples (including Hindu Honeysuckle!)
The Asian tales duo from By Kilian (Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy, both smelled before and reported on from Miami.
And Serge Lutens’ L’Eau Froide, and Boucheron’s Jaipur Bracelet.
Amazingly enough, most of the other samples were ones I’ve smelled before! but I’ll be poring over them to double-check and decide their final disposition.

SO, that seems rather… full of myself (full of perfume?) to lay it all bare like that. But there’s the recent acquisitions. I intend to make this burst of buying last through the rest of the quarter. *Looks sternly at self*

Anything I should blog about first?

*rubbing my acquiring little hands with glee, like an avaricious hamster with a teeny full treasure chest…*

Image is perfume bottle by gigmum2008, via Flickr; used under Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.

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7 comments to Tiptoe through the new stuff… Sniffapalooza style

  • Vero Profumo’s Rubj??
    Oh my. SO jealous! I do want to hear about that.
    And I want to hear about Histoires de Parfums.

    • Judith

      Coincidentally, I am wearing 1804 right now! And really enjoying it.

      My bottle of Rubj is still en route; when I get it I will wear it, ooohhhh yesssss, and then I will review it… 🙂

  • Oh… Everything sounds very promising 🙂 Since I haven’t tried most of the things you’ve mentioned, I’ll be curious to read your impressions on all of them but Notes by Robert Piguet interest me the most.

    Congratulation on your Rubj purchase! I really envy you 😉 But for a slightly less obvious reason: I cannot wear an EdP version, it smells bad on my skin. Instead I really like the parfum version (insert an image of my crying wallet here)

    • Judith

      Excellent! I did 1804 first, since Dervishspin asked about the HdP; I’ll do Notes next, as I’m surprisingly pleased with it. (And they’re kind of similar in some ways but not in others.)

      I think I’ve read before that you can’t do the EdP of the Rubj; it IS a shame. Why is the parfum so different, do you think? I personally find the parfum much drier and much less lush, which is very different from the EdP. But Kiki and Onda are not particularly luscious either, so I feel like the EdP of Rubj is kind of a departure from what that perfumer really likes…

      • EdP version of Rubj contains cumin which from time to time doesn’t play niceely on my skin. In Extrait version’s notes I do not see it – so I don’t know if it isn’t there at all or just wasn’t prominent enough to be mentioned (can’t remember from where I got the notes). Onda in both concentrations didn’t work for me at all (it was really unpleasant on my skin). And I didn’t have a chance to try Kiki yet though I want to.

        • Judith

          Did you actually perceive the cumin in the EDP, or just alarmed by it in the notes? Because I have to say, I didn’t notice any. I will have another reason to be excited about trying it when it comes!

          Onda was absolutely horrible on me (which I’m reluctant to post because Birgit at Olfactoria loves it so!) I found it to be a harsh lavender with a garbage top note. Kiki I thought (in the EDP) was a much less unpleasant lavender, but still lavender. I must try it again.

          • I almost never read notes before I try perfumes: I don’t want to be influenced much by it. I just know that when I get a specific unclean/urinous smell from my skin usually it means cumin in the formula. It doesn’t work in the other direction: not all perfumes with cumin smell this way on me/for my nose.

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