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For the Sherlockians in the audience, Wear Sherlock BBC reports that Irene Adler’s perfume is Chopard Casmir.

Tested Jane Booke’s Taken; it’s like a cross between Tihota and Bijou Romantique. Very gourmand, very sweet; if I didn’t already have Tihota (The Ultimate Vanilla), I would be more interested. As it is, this pushes it over the edge for me from Fantastic Vanilla Perfume to almond cookie.

SO. MANY. SAMPLES. I cannot get over how many fragrances Undina tests in a month. I think if I’m being honest I’m lucky to do two a week.

Hilde Soliani is becoming very interesting to me. Fraaagola Saalaaata is indeed salt and strawberries – MOSTLY STRAWBERRIES OMG STRAWBERRIES TO EAT YOUR FAAAAAAACE!

Ciocorosissimo is the sort of rose chocolate I always fall for (I’ve been carrying around Providence Perfume Co.’s Cocoa Tuberose in my purse), but it’s … different and… gorgeous. I think I’m hallucinating that if I had a few more of these HS scents, I would… stop shopping for a while? It’s a lie, just a lie. But there’s something about her compositions, they are so EXACTLY WHAT I WANT, satisfying and rich and different and mmmmmm. This is going on the FB Want list.

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