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The joys of your collection

I don’t really like to think of my perfume as a “collection”, for some reason. Perhaps that makes me think of people with large dusty cabinets of junk, or people who spend a lot of time with a magnifying glass poring over their old stamp proofs, or something.

But in fact it is a collection – especially if “collection” is defined as “a bunch of something” – and I am really enjoying my collection right now.

I am rotating through a bunch of the newer things acquired this year, and finding that they quite suit my tastes on the day when I pick them. (It’s so extremely unsatisfying, when one has all these perfumes at one’s disposal, to do what I so often do and just pick something and spray it on, and then decide that it doesn’t suit the day at all.) But I’m also including some old favorites, and even some things that are just not new acquisitions but are perfect for my mood, my clothes, and the weather right now. For me it’s like picking clothes or jewelry: when I feel like it’s all just “working for me”, I feel calmer, happier, just plain pleased with myself; when I feel like something’s not really right, I feel like I have a square wheel all day. This is really enjoying the collection.

Updating the location of things relatively regularly has made it a lot easier. I knew I wanted some Bottega Veneta one morning, but the sample I wanted wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Perhaps I gave it away. But I knew I had two more samples, and consulting my location list was the work of a moment. Urge satisfied; happy Censer.

This week a bunch of picks really made my day. It could also be partly because the weather has been moist, which makes my scents on my paper-dry skin a lot richer, and my nose able to pick up a lot more.

Alien Liqueur made me surprisingly happy all day – a sweet warm scent with just a hint of pepper (unusually). I almost wanted to wear this two days in a row but was afraid I wouldn’t be as happy with it the second day, so I didn’t because I didn’t want to spoil the perfection!

Londinium – this otherwise standard morning tea/citrus/light floral has a hint of myrrh that I really like. Works best when I put on more, which I’m generally afraid to do.

Donna Karan Gold – my old friend, my old favorite – put it on because I wanted an old friend after a bunch of new things. Like a warm blanket.

DSH Divine Gardens – the cleanest musk underneath the spring flowers, the sister opposite to –

Hilde Soliani Bell’Antonio – the cleanest musk under coffee 🙂

Bottega Veneta – a great leather musk that was also perfect for that day.

And even Grossmith Bethrothal – the most nineteenth-century bouquet of a scent – none of the other Grossmith’s pleased me quite like this.

While I’m enjoying what I have so much, it has certainly slowed down my purchases. (Though I acquired a vintage Toujours Moi that I am planning to wear tomorrow, and finally, FINALLY scored some vintage Miss Dior that I think will be in very good condition that I cannot WAIT to try.)

So what are you wearing? Not trying, but just plain old WEARING. You know how it’s going to smell, and you want to smell like that. Is that a crazy plan?

Color me pleased with my collection right now.

Image is Old French stamp collection, by Yersinia, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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2 comments to The joys of your collection

  • Sometimes I know exactly what I want to wear – then I just wear it. But when I do NOT know… My collection (and I’m talking only about bottles and decants) reached the size when I do not choose to wear some perfumes just because I didn’t think of them. It bothers me a little so I’m trying to figure out a system of rotating those perfumes. I think that I need to re-organize them. Not because they aren’t organized now or I came up with a better system. But when you go through your things – be those perfumes, clothes or music – you refresh in your memory what you have, how you feel about those and where/for what mood they will be appropriate.

    • Judith

      I am also trying to figure out the optimal system for this. The best way is for me to have time to just comb through the bottles in the morning – but I don’t often have time to do this. I’ve tried keeping a list of things I’ve “remembered” (come across in the bottles, or noticed on the list) recently, but it doesn’t seem to help much “in the moment”. Going through the bottles definitely does remind me of things I’d like to wear, though, and physically rotating them out to a more visible location seems to help.

      This is why decants are so frustrating for me; I don’t need that much juice, but I can really use the physical marker of the different bottle.

      My clothes could also use some reshuffling!

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