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What has the Unseen Censer been up to, you might wonder?

STUFF, says the Unseen Censer.

Still and all, I’m still progressing through a variety of samples, so here’s some thoughts, drive-by style, of things I’m not planning to write a fuller review of:

Comme des Garcons 2 – I must not be paying close enough attention to My New Love, Katie Puckrik. I thought this had wood; it’s the most acid rose I’ve smelled in a long time. I kept thinking cleaning fluid had leaked somewhere. No.

(I want to try some CdG Play Green. That sounds gorgeous for summer.)

Andrea Maack Dark – ?, as it often is with Maack perfumes. Must try it again.

Hilde Soliani Fraaaagolaaataa – No I’m not counting the A’s, and I can’t imagine why I would need this when I already own Fresh’s Strawberry Fields. There may be nuances I’m missing.

Hilde Soliani’s CiocoRosissimo – Love. Full-bottle worthy.

Calypso Mimosa – nondescript; will have to try again.

Versace’s Yellow Diamond – this is the least fragrance-like fragrance I believe I’ve smelled in forever. Grab any laundry ingredients off the shelf and put them in a spray bottle; there you have it. Love the bottle; the juice disrespects me.

Chanel Coco EDP – I’ve tried this before and hated it. Now I love it; want to wear it. Do I need a bottle that has aged on a lit, warm shelf for a while (I tried it at Ulta)? Or should I try a fresh bottle before committing?

Etat d’Libre Orange Fils de Dieu – rice and lime, for sure, with a slightly standard benzoin/gourmand drydown. Not a major excitement, but not like everything else either.

Keiko Meicheri Oliban – dark; not sure what I think. Need to try again.

Taken by Jane Booke – all that excitement, and yes, it’s a gourmand vanilla. I’ll put it over here next to my eight million other gourmand vanillas. Is there anything to distinguish it from Iles d’Or, Spiriteuse Double Vanille, Shalimar Ode a la Vanille, or Tihota? I didn’t notice if there was.

Faberge Imperial EDP – Gorgeous, but too rare and expensive to splurge on right now.

MCMC Love – Did you know love smells like a fir tree? I didn’t. Gorgeous, as are all their things, but not in the mood to smell piney right now.

MCMC Garden – I’m gonna need to wear this a lot more before I make any decisions on it. A lot more. Pass it over. (Clings to sample)

Parfums de Nicolai Le Temps d’une Fete – Fortunately, I am not as crazy about this as everyone else seems to be. Don’t know if I have the “old” formulation or not, but for a floral with a furry musk drydown, I’m happy still with my Histoires de Parfums’ 1804, and practically swooning in love with my Robert Piguet Notes. (NOTES!!!) Am I finally reaching perfume collecting maturity, not leaping for every damn thing when my heart is not touched (and I have several similar items in my stash)? Maybe.

Did I mention I need to try MCMC Garden agaaaain? (Also, why don’t discount bottles of NMF’s Leather Garden ever come up?)

Grossmith Betrothal – Liked it better than the original Grossmith trio, but no firmer impressions.

Roja Dove Unspoken – I can see myself wearing this, but not sure when I would reach for it over eeeeeeeverything else. Further consideration.

Whew! There. I cleaned out the sample bag a little.

How YOU doin’?

Image is Diary by benleto, used by Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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3 comments to Drive-bys

  • I’m not familiar with most of the perfumes you tested.

    I agree about Calypso Mimosa. I doubt you’ll change your mind after you try it again.

    Love Chanel Coco EDP! I’m sure you need it in your collection but if a small decant will help you to arrive to a right decision I can send it to you.

    I just recently discovered Le Temps d’une Fete (no idea older or newer formulation – I have a sample and a small decant) and I enjoy it a lot.

    • Judith

      Isn’t it odd? We may be evil scent twins! (Or, Evil Scent Twins, 16 degrees starboard?) We aren’t buying the same things to test at all!

      I suspect you are right, however, about Calypso Mimosa. So we’re not totally off. 🙂

      I’m going to try to unearth a bottle of the Coco and fulfill that urge for the square Chanel bottle that was thwarted when I had to smash the little one.

      EVERYONE loves Le Temps d’une Fete. I know I am odd man out on this one. But then, as I said, I have Notes and 1804. Which I don’t think everyone else has. Slightly musky floral, check. (Everyone else says Notes smells pretty masculine but like everything else, it pulls pretty sweet on me.)

      Do you wear Coco in the summer?

      • North California summer can, probably, bear almost any perfume but I noticed that I do not crave Coco in summer. Unfortunately (!) we are not a 100% EST but I keep an eye on what your favorites are: you might be the closest to the EST than anybody else I currently read! 🙂

        If you change your mind about Coco decant, let me know: I have more of it than I’ll use in the next many years.

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