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I’m expanding!

Check it out – the site has added a new page! See up there at the top? I’ve added my Perfume Portrait because Undina suggested it. Perhaps this will help you know what sorts of scents I like and what I don’t. This can be super-helpful when you’re reading a review of mine and trying to decide if you should run right out and get it (because I like it and you like what I like) or if you should avoid like the plague (because I like it and you don’t like what I like).

If, based on this important information, you think we are evil scent twins – or scent twins – or scent second cousins once removed? – do let me know! Many of my favorite perfume blogs are from people who don’t wear what I wear (I’m thinking of Ari at The Scents of Self and how delighted she was with her new bottle of Bois Farine – which I can’t imagine ever wearing.) I’ve indicated my overlaps with Undina since she was kind enough to start this “scent portrait” meme rolling. Are we twins? Evil twins? Hard to say. We’ve definitely got some likes and some dislikes in common – but the only serious, passionate love we have in common is Ubar. On the other hand, you can build a lifetime on Ubar. 🙂

So – hey, post a scent portrait!

Image is Balloon by VictoriaJZ. Used under Creative Commons license, via Flickr; some rights reserved.

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2 comments to I’m expanding!

  • Love it! I wish more of my favorite bloggers did the same. It’s fun to read those lists.

    From your list I have absolutely no idea if we are any type of perfume relatives or not: I haven’t even smelled nine of your first-tier favorites and 27 from your second tier. But I’ll keep working on my list and we’ll see in a year 🙂

    Now, I think that “can’t live without” and “like and enjoy wearing” are close enough to count as a common ground (Chanel No.19 and Vert Pour Madame).

    I have both versions of Ubar – a decant of the vintage juice and a FB of the modern version. Love both. So yes, a lifetime 🙂

    And a small “organizational” note: you might want to change either a section divider (*) or the overlap symbol (*).

    • Judith

      Section marker duly changed!

      Why don’t you post another blog post about doing something like this? I bet people would do it, especially if you told them they could steal your format (which I totally did). It seemed like more work than it was. I’m sure it will be out of date within seconds, too, but it’s still an interesting snapshot.

      I wonder if MOST perfumistas wouldn’t like Chanel No. 19 and Vert pour Madame? I mean, they’re just ridiculously good. It’s like being an English major and not liking any of the Brontë sisters. I mean, it happens, but it’s not that likely, is it? 🙂

      We both do like a lot of elegant florals; my “must have” list is a lot more gourmand than yours. But we both like several Amouages, I’ve learned to be very attached to Coco, I enjoy Ambre Sultan, I respect Infusion d’Iris but don’t really care for iris… I see a lot more of what I think of as the “metallic” florals, lavender and iris, in your list, and a lot less vanilla. A number of things I own and like are in your “to buy” list (Cuir de Lancome, Field Notes from Paris, Indochine, and I want some Encens Flamboyant too!) We overlap more in the green and amber categories…

      When we someday meet we’ll just put some Ubar on the table and natter on together over it. 🙂

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