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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • @thescentsofself you just brew it by letting it sit on the counter. google "cold brewed coffee". i'm so easy. i love it. in reply to thescentsofself #
  • @Undina_BA @thescentsofself Haven't managed to get there all week. Hopefully tomorrow! Vanilla and Cedarwood, here I come! in reply to Undina_BA #
  • Smelling other people's perfume when you're not supposed to wear any is like being hungry and everyone else has cookies. #
  • Subway to soho = insufficiently ironic hipsters. #
  • @nickrgilbert I could recommend much better porn – literary or pop – if that's what she wants for her birthday! in reply to nickrgilbert #
  • Wedding this wknd – thoughts on something beautiful and happy but not too intrusive for a guest to wear? #
  • Testing Seville a l'Aube. Too much like Tang for my taste. Or perhaps pixie stix. #
  • @thescentsofself I know, everyone loves it. Bro smells apricot blossoms – but also doesn't care for it. YMMV. in reply to thescentsofself #
  • @thescentsofself Nurse Chapel is *classic*. And you would be a super-cute Chapel, too. And Drew will be Spock? 🙂 in reply to thescentsofself #
  • @thescentsofself Ah, awesome! in reply to thescentsofself #
  • After yesterday I thought I would be more careful in my testing. Nope. I'm all smeared with Tokyo Bloom. Fortunately, I like it! #
  • Sniffing Belle du Soir, the "from Le Labo" juice at Anthropologie. Everything old is new again? #

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