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I hear on Twitter that a couple of folks would like to comment, and can’t. I’m still trying to figure out how to allow people to use their IDs to log in and make comments. I thought my OpenID plug-in was interfering with; but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, so I’m turning it back on since some actually use it.

For others, I am sorry; right now what works, as it says on the How to Comment page, is to register, or to use OpenID. ONLY registered folks can comment, because otherwise, I do apologize, but I just can’t hack the spam.

Speaking of which, I did just delete a bunch of accounts that sure looked like spam accounts, so if that was you, oops, but I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

This site is NOT hosted at; this site is its own WordPress installation. That may be messing up some folks. I’m not sure why identities wouldn’t work the same as any other OpenID identity. If you try to comment, instead of looking for a login button, do try the OpenID method, where (in a browser where you’re logged in to your own blog) you enter as the OpenID identity.

Still under investigation, thanks for commenting, and thanks even more for reading and thinking of writing me back. You’re awesome.

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3 comments to Housekeeping

  • I follow at least a couple of similarly hosted blogs and everywhere I had to register, they didn’t accept WP logins.

    • Judith

      Have you tried using OpenID, though? Or is your own site not an OpenID provider?

      I hate it when software doesn’t work the way it should. There’s no reason WP identities shouldn’t work on WP standalone installations – they should essentially be OpenID or a WP-specific version of same.

  • I’ve registered on your site a while ago because it didn’t accept my WP login/ID. But since it wasn’t the first place that behaved exactly this way I thought it was “a feature, not a bug.”

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