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Kingdom – of the dancer

Bellydancing put me in touch with my body for the first time in my life. I love everything about it: the sparkle, the rhythm, the unabashed femininity, but most especially the sweat.

Many years ago my first dance teacher was asking everyone in the class to say what they most loved about dancing. I was . . . → Read More: Kingdom – of the dancer

It’s been a big week for old ladies

So I did go back to Anthropologie (a different store, as I’m now in a different state) and managed to pick up some of the spray version of Belle du Soir.

In my brief conversation with two lovely salespeople, who were both women about half my age, I mentioned that I was interested that it . . . → Read More: It’s been a big week for old ladies

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

@thescentsofself you just brew it by letting it sit on the counter. google "cold brewed coffee". i'm so easy. i love it. in reply to thescentsofself # @Undina_BA @thescentsofself Haven't managed to get there all week. Hopefully tomorrow! Vanilla and Cedarwood, here I come! in reply to Undina_BA # Smelling other people's perfume when . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

Old-lady is now boho-chic

No one loves it when someone describes what they love as classic perfumery as smelling “old lady”. I wonder, though, if we aren’t perhaps entering an era where those “old lady” smells are becoming fashionable again, like cat’s-glasses or New Look-waisted dresses.

The Anthropologie in Nassau County used to stock a TON of fragrances, from . . . → Read More: Old-lady is now boho-chic