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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

Should we tell people who start posts with "I'm no prude but…" that what they're about to say is actually pretty prudish? # I'm suspecting that philosophy's Divine Illumination Foundation with SPF 50 is a BB cream traveling incognito. Love this stuff. # #Nordstrom website new trick: items disappear from cart as I check . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

This is what it smelled like when the ship went down?

Sitting here snorting my cleavage, I check the notes from the advertising copy from Legacy 1912 Titanic, the perfume.

I know they’re true because they’re reported at

“Legacy 1912 eau de parfum surrounds you with the fragrance of delicate lemon and nerolis, alongside blushing rose and warm, sheer amber.”

Huh. I’m smelling a lot . . . → Read More: This is what it smelled like when the ship went down?

Yay! It’s fixed!

Whew. That was a while.

So what HAPpened was… JetPack was interfering with WordPress. I consider this perverse, since JetPack is PRODUCED by WordPress, but whatev. I had no choice but to wait until a patch came out.

And now it seems to have done so! And though I am missing a week or two . . . → Read More: Yay! It’s fixed!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

@PinkSith Fun! I'm going to go along with the idea that that one guy is Black Dynamite. in reply to PinkSith #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

Today's question – why do YOU buy perfume? #fragrance #perfume # @Olfactoria Thank you so much! No one seems to be able to comment; I'm going to take another look. I think it's just not what folks expect. in reply to Olfactoria # Commenting fixed! Thanks to those who pinpointed the problem (post . . . → Read More: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

I love heartache

When I see people talk about how they avoid discontinued perfumes because they can’t stand the heartache,

… I think “MORE FOR ME!!!”

Honestly, embracing the ephemeral was the basis for my launch into complete fanaticism about this hobby.

Which is just to say: I got a perfume I loved, found out it had been . . . → Read More: I love heartache