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I love heartache

When I see people talk about how they avoid discontinued perfumes because they can’t stand the heartache,

… I think “MORE FOR ME!!!”

Honestly, embracing the ephemeral was the basis for my launch into complete fanaticism about this hobby.

Which is just to say: I got a perfume I loved, found out it had been discontinued, and in an effort to come to grips with it, found out about the entire universe of perfumes, most of which I would never get to smell, many of which were already discontinued (or expensive, or made in small batches by elves at the dark of the moon in years with an 8 in them), and that if I wanted to truly love perfume, I would just have to get a grip.

It’s kind of like loving food, or dance. So many great things are essentially ephemeral in nature.

Here are discontinued perfumes I currently coo over in my collection:

Those damn vintage Diors – Diorissimo especially, but also Diorling and Miss Dior (MISS DIOR!!! Make me smell like Katharine Hepburn!)

Donna Karan Gold, which started me down the rabbit hole – a golden lily from a religious vision;

Beth Terry Creative Universe’s Element of Surprise, the perfect summer tea/citrus/awesomeness;

Ava Luxe’s Madeline (the original, and the perfect Christmas perfume);

Fendi’s Asja, the perfect Thanksgiving perfume;

DSH’s Bois du Chocolat, one of my all-time favorites – probably too sweet for 99% of perfumistas, but I love it – I will not admit how many backup bottles I have of this…

Alexander McQueen’s Kingdom, my current new passionate love, a truly sexy jasmine;

And vintage Caron N’Aimez que Moi, an unexpected find of such rare beauty… I feel about this one the way some people feel about Après l’Ondée, apparently. It is the perfect expression of nature, history, and tears. If you ever find any vintage extrait of this baby, call me.

(Seriously, call me!)

(Plus there’s this perfume that no one else has ever heard of that I fell in love with and actually own, that I have to write about more sometime.)

OK, I love heartache, but it’s only because I’m so non-monogamous, AND I have at least some of all of these gems still on hand. Grabby dragon-hoarder, me.

But I know in my heart that 1) my perfume collection is bound to outlive me, unless I dismantle it and 2) that nothing lasts forever, even well-curated perfume. I’m okay with letting things go. But then, I wear vintage wedding rings. If the thing survives me, well then, it gets to go on to someone else who will enjoy it! If I survive the thing, yay, I win.

Image is Untitled, by stray-kat, via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license; some rights reserved.

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7 comments to I love heartache

  • I’m one of those who tries to avoid testing discontinued/vintage perfumes. I wouldn’t mind getting a bottle of one if I came across it. But to seek a sample and then try to find a not turned bottle.

    • Judith

      It is so wise of you. I get so curious reading some of the reviews and the descriptions I want to smell it. Then if I fall in love with it I want to find a bottle, of course.

      Which isn’t what I did to come to terms with Shalimar, actually; I kept looking for one that smelled good. 🙂

  • I do not necessarily avoid the heartbreak of discontinued perfumes, but I don’t seek it either. The thing that got me wondering most in your post, though, was “the perfect thanksgiving perfume.” 🙂 What are the criteria for that?

    • Judith

      The perfect Thanksgiving perfume: comfort perfume, spiced and gourmandy but without being sticky, lovely enough that people around you will compliment you on it, light enough that it will blend with all the food and not turn nauseating. Plus, Asja just SMELLS like Thanksgiving to me, without being all that foody – spiced and warm and comfy.

      If you haven’t smelled Asja we should work something out!

  • Oooh, thank you! I think I get it, and I’m glad you said “not foody.” I have not smelled Asja, and am definitely open to working something out. 😉 Email me, maybe?

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